Muy rercomendable el nuevo trabajo de este Mc de San Francisco que fluye a la perfeccion sobre beats muy elegantes.
01. The Notes feat. DJ Cue (prod. by Gennessee)
02. Outlaw feat. Haze of 40 Love (prod. by Miko)
03. My Name (prod. by Rick D)
04. The Message (prod. by Essence)
05. Full Metal feat. DJ Bizkid (prod. by Russel Fong)
06. Saks Piff Avenue feat. Great Muta (prod. by Freshchuck)
07. The Sound Of Color feat. DJ Troubleman (prod. by Def-1)
08. Happiness feat. Gigio (prod. by Dren Doh)
09. Gas feat. Spank Pops (prod. by All Key)
10. Righteous (prod. by Def-1)
11. No Titulo (prod. by Equal)
12. Complexity (prod. by Static Elastic)
13. Ducking The Dogs feat. Flight27 (prod. by Static Elastic)
14. Evrybody feat. Subverse & Equipto (prod. by Cozmo)
15. Beat Sing (prod. by Scienz)
16. Fade Away (prod. by Russel Fong)
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