1. Right This Moment (produced by Kno)
2. It Won’t Last (produced by Weapon X) [feat. Pigeon John and Othello]
3. Hiphop Music (produced by Tony Stone) [feat. DJ Rob Swift]
4. 10 Years (produced by 9th Wonder) [feat. Toni Hill]
5. Statements part 2 (produced by Tony Stone) [feat. Ohmega Watts]
6. Microphone Rush (produced by Jon Doe) [feat. Manchild of Mars Ill]
7. The Find (produced by Ohmega Watts) [feat. DJ Muneshine]
8. Keep On (produced by Tony Stone)
9. Let Go (produced by Celph Titled) [feat. Supastition, The Masterminds]
10. Poetry In Motion part 2 (produced by Tony Stone) [f[feat. eaturing DJ Muneshine]
11. Life Cipher (produced by Deepsix)
12. Goliath (produced by Ohmega Watts) [feat. DJ DNA]
13. Soul Rock (produced by Tony Stone) [feat. Ohmega Watts, Othello]
14. Nobody (produced by illmind)
15. Shades of Grey (produced by Tony Stone) [feat. Toni Hill]


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