A peticion de nuestro amigo ArtCrime os dejamos esta mixtape a cargo de Dj Jayceeoh y Dj On&On en la que reunen temas del genial Virtuoso.

1. Intro feat. GZA
2. Virt Schilling feat. Virt Cobain
3. Cyclops Eyedrops feat. T-Ruckus
4. Bodies Drop feat. Slaine & E.O.W.
5. Propaganda (WW3 Exclusive)
6. Medal Of Honor feat. Ripshop & Percee P
7. On The Run feat. Jaz-O & Del
8. Back To Basics feat. Big Virt
9. Uppercut feat. Ripshop
10. Man Of The Hour
11. Big Bang Anthem feat. Virt Vonnegut
12. Speck Of Dust feat. GZA
13. Yes Sir feat. No Doz & T-Ruckus
14. Breakbeat Lullaby feat. DL, No Doz & Exposition
15. Frankenrhyme feat. T-Ruckus
16. Creamatorium
17. Philistines
18. V Is For Virus
19. Diary Of Diatribes Pt. 1
20. Holleration feat. On & On & JayCeeOh
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