01- State Of Hip Hop (feat. M9 & Prophet)
02- Remember -(feat. T-Bear, Sir Smurf Lil’ & Raggo Zulu Rebel)
03- Nothing Wrong (feat.Mr Drastick & Luc Skyz)
04- The Lions Den (feat. Cyrus Malachi)
05- Black Tragedy (Half Past Calm Mix) (feat. Phoenix Da Icefire, Iverse & Prophet)
06- More Forward (Ill Rhythmikz Remix) (feat. T-Bear)
07- Alternate Take (feat. Verb T & Fliptrix)
08- Lost Planet (feat. M9)
09- In The Ends (feat. Sir Smurf LIl’)
10- Forbidden Chamber (Nine Planets)
11- Jealousy’s A Bitch (feat. Mr Drastick & Verb T)
12- Celebrate (feat. T-Bear)


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