Otro disco mitico esta vez a cargo de Sunz Of Man, sonido Wu Tang como ya sabeis…
01 Intro
02 S.O.M.
03 Ghettio (Ft. 2 on the Road)
04 Banksta’z (Ft. RZA and 12 O’ Clock)
05 House of Blues (Ft. Madam D)
06 RZA Skit
07 Saviorz Day (Ft. GFK and Madam D)
08 Black or White (Ft. Ancient Coins
09 The Trinity (Ft. Omar Conry)
10 Dear Psalms (Ft. Smooth of Skin Deep)
11 People Change (Ft. MC Eiht and Madam D)
12 Honey Tree (Ft. 2 on the Road)
13 Time
14 Doin Ya Thang (Ft. Makeabe Mooncycle)
15 Sa, Say, Say (Ft. Ancient Coins)
16 Industry (Ft. GFK)
17 All We Got (Ft. La the Darkman)
18 The Cause (Ft Method Man)
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