La espera se ha terminado y por fin podemos disfrutar de uno de los discos mas esperados de la temporada, solo con mirar las colabos y los productores osa podeis hacer una idea del calibre de este discazo,ENJOY!!!!
Thanks to HHB
01. At War Pt. 2 (Feat. Ruste Juxx) (Prod by Snowgoons)
02. Game Time (Prod by Eversor)
03. Massacre (Feat. Chief Kamachi) (Prod by Snowgoons)
04. Return Of The Fist (Feat. Virtuoso) (Prod by The White Shadow)
05. Pray For Your Life (Feat. Sicknature) (Prod by Sicknature)
06. Smoke & Mirrors (Prod by Snowgoons)
07. 5 Criminals (Feat. King Magnetic, Venom & Freestyle) (Prod by 5th Criminal)
08. We Don’t Give A Fuck (Prod by The Returners)
09. South East (Feat. Supastition) (Prod by Shuko)
10. Real Goons (Feat. Dr. Ill) (Prod by Crown)
11. Last Days (Feat. Brainstorm) (Prod by Tango & Cash)
12. Step On Us (Prod by Hitfarmers)
13. Music (Feat. Vibez) (Prod by Snowgoons)
14. Piledriver (Prod by Snowgoons)
15. Progress (Feat. Grindhouse Gang, Words & Rhymes) (Prod by Sicknature)
16. Uncanny Valley (Feat. The Uncanny) (Prod by Velvet Sick)
17. On The Run (Prod by Vokab)

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