Os dejo un par de trabajos antiguos de King Magnetic (AOTP).

01-Shoulda Never
02-King And The Cauze (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
03-I’m Getting Old
04-Name Droppin’ (Part One)
05-Bully Shit (Feat. Sean Price Of Heltah Skeltah)
07-I’m A Knuckler
08-High At Work (Feat. Hakim Of Channel Live)
09-What It Is (Feat Chino XL & Godilla)
10-Believe That
11-No Limit Poker
12-I Just Made Parole
13-Better Than Perfect
14-Who Made The Rules (Feat. Edo G, Reef The Lost Cauze & Godilla)
15-I Don’t Wanna Know
16-Daily Reminder
17-Monster (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Tug Mcraw)
18-Street Cred
19-My Song
20-The Five Piece (Feat. Copywrite, Godilla & O-D-D)
21-Crown Me
22-One King
23-Watch Out (Feat. Kasper Of O-D-D)
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