1. Delirium (Produced by Smimooz, Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
2. Braveheart (Freestyle)
3. Bell Ringin’ (Freestyle)
4. Outlaw (Produced by Reef Ali)
5. Stigmata (Produced by The Gun Governors)
6. Fast Lane (Produced by Yellabwoy)
7. Black Submarine (Produced by Wordisbon)
8. Bang (Produced by Nascent & QB)
9. Puppetmaster (Produced by Reef Ali)
10. For The Thugz (Freestyle)
11. Hierarchy (Produced by DJ Cid)
12. Die Hard (Freestyle)
13. Keep Bangin (Produced by Street Science)
14. Mega The Destroyer (Produced by DJ Cid)
15. Top Floor (Produced by Nascent & QB)
16. G.O.D. Strapped (Freestyle)
17. Buddha Fist Style (Produced by Reef Ali, Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
18. G’z (Freestyle)
19. Crookz In Here (Freestyle)
20. Iron Heart (Produced by Mizftz Soundz)
21. Heartlezz (Produced by Babalu Beats)
22. Sight To The Blind (Produced by Torino The Scientist)
23. So Foul (Freestyle)
24. Alexander (Produced by DJ Cid)
25. Destruction (Produced by The Mallaggaz)
26. LAlien (Freestyle)
27. Dance With Me (Produced by Babalu Beats)
28. Forbidden Knowledge (Produced by Bless Selecta)
29. Warzone (Produced by Hellbound)
30. Hitman (Produced by Street Science)
31. Dangerous Onez (Produced by Street Science)
32. Supreme Arkitek (Produced by Street Science)
33. Thiz Money (Produced by The Mallaggaz)
34. 100 Roundz (Produced by Mizfitz Soundz)


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