Inkansable kolaborador TuckDragon nos acerka esta vez a este interesante grupo kanadiense, beats freskos y rap kon klase…

Intro (Prod. by Ill-It Beatz)
Announcement (Prod. by Fresh Kils)
Watching Me (Prod. by Robbie Rush)
Turning Back ft. Moka Only, Benny E, Zes Nomis (Prod. by Make Music Project)
No Fear ft. Mami Uno (Prod. by Chris Prythm)
Interlude ft. Touch (Prod. by Moves)
Skank Anthem (Prod. by J-True)
Hungry ft. Poison (Prod. by Sintheitc Productions)
Hand Off ft. Jay Mizz and MD (Prod. by MD)
Crazy Place (Prod. by T-Wiss)
High (Prod. by Moves)
Remembrance ft. Legitimate (Prod. by Legitimate)
Its Anger ft. SMP (Prod. by T-rupt)
Never Gonna Change ft. Jeff Would and Shanna aka Flawless (Prod. by Reel Audioo)

 Thanks: TuckDragon
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