02-whateverwe want
03-serving justice
04-the writer (snippet)
05-unite to fight ft shogun assason
06-black jesus ft u-god
07-militant ft beretta 9 and u-god
08-burn bridges ft the rza
09-the bottom line
10-banned from the radio
11-full moon ft killa sin
12-cold wind
13-war face ft raekwon and hoffa
15-murder venue ft islord and killa sin
17-valentine day massacre
18-bronze nazareth interlude
19-sniper challengers
20-prince of new york (snippet)
21-last poet
22-roll with the rush ft trife da god
23-foolish ways
24-whats goin on ft the rza and blue raspberry
25-lady sings the blues ft islord
26-nuttin ft christbearer
27-which way you going ft beretta 9
28-feel it ft islord


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