1 Slept On pt.1
2 Street Renegade
3 The Rapture
4 The Skies Are Grey ft. Knosense of Concrete Saints & Enemy of O.T.W.
5 Tales From The Casket
6 True Story (Remix Winner – Tnut)
7 Violence ft. Scheme of The Molemen
8 For the Streets, For the People ft. Kid Frost
9 How It Went Down (The System)
10 Why Me? (Remix Winner – Elespecialista)
11 Evolution of Revolution ft. Politik of Corner Block Music
12 The Racist Agenda (SB 1070) ft. Brown Caesar & Bambu
13 We Don’t Play In LA ft. Stomper & Chino Brown
14 Slept On pt.2
15 I Won’t Stop (Remix Winner – Mister AG)
16 Live & Learn ft. Rakaa of Dilated Peoples
17 Lil-Man ft. Eric Mondragon of DW3
18 Life Is…
19 Hidden Track ft. Thief Sicario


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