1.Final Word Records – Intro
2.Animal Cracker, Spod, Icabod Chang, Manorizm – Countless Corpses
3.Icobod Chang, Animal Cracker, The Fact, Nomad – Ghastly
4.Icobod Chang, Animal Cracker, Manorizm, Vital – Hell Ya Facin’
5.S.P.O.D., The Fact – Judgment Day
6.The Fact, Icobod Chang, Animal Cracker, Mista Pigz, Manorizm, Spod, Vital – Scarecrow Saga
7.Icobod Chang, Animal Cracker – Who’s Who
8.The Fact, Icobod Chang, Animal Cracker, Manorizm – The Rain
9.The Fact, SPOD, Animal Cracker, Icobod Chang – Welcome to hell
10.Spod, Vital, Icabod Chang, Nomad – The Barberoid
11.MrPhixit, Spod, Animal Cracker, Manorizm, The fact, Icabod Chang – ABombTheNation
12.Flux Axiom Chang, Animal Cracker, Mista Pigz – Off Witcha’ Head
13.Icobod Chang, SPOD, Animal Cracker – MADMANS MARCH
14.Icabod Chang, The Fact, Vice Versa – SmokeyWater Slaughter

15.Mista Pigz, Mic Lanny, Mr.Phixit – D-e-a-d s-t-y-l-e
16.Icabod Chang, Vice Versa, The Fact, Manorizm – Bum Rush
17.Icabod Chang, Animal Cracker, Vital, Nomad, Spod – The GateKeepers
18.Animal Cracker, The Fact, Manorizm, Icabod Chang – Dark Forest
19.Final Word Records – Outro

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