1. Diary Of A Madman (Gravediggaz)
2. Death Be The Penalty
3. Crime Saga
4. 5 Arch Angelz feat. Sunz Of Man
5. Wrath Of The Lamb feat. Beretta 9 & RZA (Exclusive)
6. Graveyard Chamber (Gravediggaz)
7. Conscious Of Sin (Remix) feat. Killah Priest
8. Scattered People feat. Dead Prez (Exclusive)
9. Party Wit A Tec
10. I’m Breathing For You (Remix)
11. Thy Enemies (Exclusive)
12. Dem Brooklyn Niggaz (Remix)
13. Heist (Remix)
14. A Souljah’z Prayer (Exclusive)
15. Big Dakddy Anthem feat. Natruel, Mr. Eon, L-Fudge & Wicked Will
16. Ready You’re Not feat. Papoose, Freestyle, Ma Barker & Omen999
17. Oasis (International Remix) feat. Massive Tone, Afrob, Shurik’N & Skills En Masse
18. Universal Souljahz (From BK To Marseille) feat. Shurik’N

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