01 Nirvana (feat. Necro, Ill Bill & Goretex)
02 Circle Of Tyrants (feat. Necro, Goretex, Ill Bill & Captain Carnage)
03 Fully Loaded (feat. Sean Strange & O-Doub)
04 Exploitation (feat. Necro)
05 Death Smiles At Murder (feat. Ill Bill)
06 Strappin’ Up For War (feat. Sean Strange & O-Doub)
07 Dat Murder Shit Pt.3 (feat. Riviera Regime)
08 Take It In Blood (feat. Necro) (Cyrcle of Tyrants)
09 60:00 (feat. Goretex & Sabac)
10 Edge Play (feat. Necro, Ill Bill, Mitch Matlock & Katja Kassin)
11 P.O.W.’s (feat. Sabac, Necro, Goretex & Ill Bill)
12 My Part Of Town (feat. Sean Strange)
13 Billie Jean 2005 (feat. Necro & Michael Jackson)
14 Prophets of Doom (feat. Big John)
15 The Ultimate Revenge (feat. Necro, Vinny Appice & Alex Skolnick) (Cyrcle of Tyrants)
16 Gotta Get My Krills (Crack) (feat. Necro, Uncle Howie, Whore & Dilenia)
17 Barbarical Bludgeonings (feat. Dyad Souls)
18 The Brute Squad (feat. Q-Unique & Ching Rock)
19 Nirvana (feat. Necro, Ill Bill & Goretex) (Nuttkase Remix)


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