2.-A Different Design (Feat. Yeshua DapoED)
3.-Yeshua DapoED Representin (interlude)
4.-Someone to Hate (Feat. Born Allah)
5.-Buckshot Representin (interlude)
6.-The Real (Feat. Buckshot)
7.-Erule Representin (interlude)
8.-Mind Wars (Feat. Erule)
9.-Hot Ya Hot (Feat. Akbar)
10.-Triple Seis (interlude)
11.-New York, New York (Feat. Triple Seis)
12.-Word War I (Feat. Mykill Miers)
13.-Laid in Full (Feat. Born Allah)
14.-Rasco Representin (interlude)
15.-Can I? (Feat. Pri the Honeydark)
16.-Jean Grae (interlude)
17.-How to Break Up Whit Your Girlfiend (Feat. Jean Grae)
18.-Tellin You (Feat. Sandman)
19.-Patience Intro
20.-Patience (Feat. Born Allah & DJ Melo-D)

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