Mixtape 100% recomendada de este emcee de New Yersey que cuenta con unas producciones impresionantes.
1.Intro Feat. Seb-Zero [Produced By Nemisis]
2.The Boy Is Nice [Produced By C-Rhymes]
3.Sledgehammer Feat. Bad Luck, Illiam Child & Daze Dutch
4.Can’t Run From The Streets Feat. Kaze & webbafied [Produced By DJ Absurd]
5.Destroy ‘N’ Kill Feat. Doh Boi & Dutch Mastah [Produced By Nemisis]
6.Everything I See Feat. Petey Green [Produced By DJ Absurd]
7.Mambo Feat. Illiam Child & Tre-L [Produced By Nemisis]
8.Put Me In Feat Miz & Fred Diezil [Produced By Pryme Prolifik]
9.Hear The Sound Feat. Doh Boi & Petey Green [Produced By Pryme Prolifik]
10.Gutter Musik Feat. Godilla & Seb-Zero [Produced By Nemisis]
11.For Heavens Sake [Produced By C-Rhymes]
12.When Trouble Comes Feat. Seb-Zero & Illiam Child [Produced By Nemisis]
13.How To Solve A Problem (Remix) Feat. Illiam Child , Khallas, & Seb-Zero [Produced By Nemisis]
14.Straight From The Heart Feat. Seb-Zero & Jukstapose
15.Just Another Day Feat Reks & Scanz [Produced By Dj Absurd]
16.Knowledge Reigns ft. White Shadow, Arch Nemesis, C-Rhymes, & Seb-Zero [Produced By Kid Kutz]
17.Blow Up Your Box Feat Seb-Zero, Dernz Diggler, & Doh Boi [Produced By Kid Kutz]

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