Pepinaco del productor francés M7


01. Intro (feat. Dj Smoke)
02. Back 2 Basics (feat. I-Kim)
03. Changes (feat. Godfather pt.3 (Infamous Mobb)
04. Competition (feat. Shawn Sparks (Harlem 6)
05. Dome Diesel (feat. Halfabrick)
06. For The People (feat. Be One)
07. From BX To Yo (feat. Sparklife, Quintescence)
08. In The Streets (feat. Nature, Tommy 2 Face)
09. Loyalty (feat. Shyheim)
10. No More Smiles (feat. D21, Final Element)
11. Over (feat. Jaynigma)
12. Real Is Him (feat. QuKnitez, Halfabrick)
13. Roots (feat. Sha Mecca)
14. Staten Island (feat. The Bottom Up, Reez Fox)
15. Suicide (feat. Flood)
16. The Hot Shit (feat. Squeege O)
17. This Is New York (feat. Donny Goines)
18. U Can Run But U Cant Hide (feat. RNR)
19. U Gotta Love It (feat. Torae)
20. Underworld (feat. Godbliss)


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