Crate creeps esta formado por el duo australiano Tommy Illfiga y Dj Butcher. Este it´s about that time es su primer disco recopilatorio y una buena demostración de su excelente nivel con los beats.
01. Introduction Feat. Suffa MC
02. Time Trials Feat. Trials
03. Walk On By Feat. Pure Product
04. Jeans, Tees And Sneakers Rap Feat. Eloquence & Truths
05. Save Your Breath Feat. Mantra, Tommy Illfigga & Djadfu
06. Divine Right Of Kings Feat. Rhyme Asylum
07. As The Clock Ticks Feat. Mata ‘N’ Must
08. Loop The Tape Up Feat. The Optimen
09. Where Do I Begin Feat. Tommy Illfigga
10. Terrorist Medley Feat. Kingz Konekted & Rezadent
11. Still Getting Mine Feat. Verbal Kent
12. Make The Cut Feat. Terntable Jediz
13. Make Mine Feat. Thundamentals
14. About That Time Feat. Rakaa, Iriscience, Clinic & Proclaim
15. My Brain Is On Vex Feat. Pie Emcee
16. The Baddest Men Feat. Robby Balboa & Hauntz
17. Move Hesitant Feat. Adverse
18. Ill-Legit Feat. Anonymouz, P-Butta, Sythe & Copasetic
19. Writers Feat. Yuinhuzami & Rainman

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