1. Intro
2. Por Amor- Son Doobie
3. Red Dragon-Moka Only

4. Fuel Injected (Remix)- Swollen Members feat Saukrates, Moka Only
5. Bangin-Buc Fifty
6. Stop Bitin-Abstract Rude
7 War Paint-Mr. Brady feat Buc Fifty
8. Reinstated-Son Doobie
9. Poker Face-Swollen Members feat Buc Fifty
10. Zoom-Abstract Rude
11. To Make Millions-Code Name: Scorpion feat Mad Child
12. Lifestyles-Mr. Brady
13. Death Appeal-Buc Fifty
14. Temptation-Swollen Members

15. You Wit That-Son Doobie
16. I’ll Be Cool-Moka Only
17. Up and Up- Murge feat LMNO
18. Smokin In Here-Code Name: Scorpion
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