Esperadisimo disko debut de Matt Maddox, no voy a decir nada mas solo eskuchadlo…


01. Intro
02. A New Hope
03. Rippin Mics feat. Nohokai
04. Audiomega
05. Buildin For The Children feat. Sabac Red
06. Capitol Kill feat. Just-1
07. Bloody Tactic feat. Lord Lhus
08. This Is Destiny feat. Swann
09. You Are The Resistance
10. Asylum (Interlude)
11. Solution 2 The Confusion Pt. 3 feat. LA Dog
12. Homage (Rights Of Passage) feat. Sadat X
13. There Will Be Blood
14. Scars And Stripes feat. Canibus
15. Cannibal Mandible
16. Rebel Resistance feat. Beast 1333
17. Invested
18. The 5th Element
19. Asylum Outro


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