01.The Spot (ft.Choo Biggz)
02.We Roll (ft.Smoke)
03.Animal Rap (remix) (ft.Jedi Mind Tricks)
04.Throught It All (ft.Xtroidinare)
05.Hip-Hop (ft.DaCaV5)
06.The Return (ft.League Of Shadows)
07.Shook Ones Part.II (remix) (ft.Mobb Deep)
08.Fair Warnin’ (ft.Mike Mess & Prime Minis)
09.Put It On (remix) (ft.Big L)
10.Homeland 5 (ft.Dilin Hoox & DJ Vlad)
11.Mr.Officer (ft.MG Da Menace & Milo Sheff)
12.Independent by Nature (ft.Cryptic Wisdom)
13.Reality Rap (ft.Acces Immortal & Medinah Starr)
14.One Mic (remix) (ft.Nas)
15.G Nigga (ft.Choo Biggz & Rich Flow)
16.Leader At Last (ft.Vivid & Gem)
17.Rum Raisin’ (ft.Kontempt)
18.Living On Da Edge (ft.Clap That Click)
19.Virginia Avenue (ft.Neyedus)
20.Never Alone (ft.Unspoken Word)
21.Goon Movies (ft.East Coast)
22.Fallen Angel (rock remix) (ft.Victory)
23.Better Off (ft.Hard Target & Nate)
24.Jason (BONUS TRACK) (ft.Complex,Engineer,Renegade,Hibernation,Dion,Primo,D Omen,Spoon,Point Game & Rhawfax)

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