01. Gene Of Isis (prod. by Anatomy)
02. Magna Carta (prod. by Anatomy)
03. Landslide (prod. by Anatomy)
04. The 7 Blues feat. Madame Pepper (prod. by Hey!Zeus)
05. Cosmos (prod. by Parental)
06. 11:08 (prod. by Option Command)
07. Love’s Stencil (prod. by Ohbliv)
08. Heartless Island feat. Triple Darkness (prod. by Jehst)
09. White Russian feat. Roc Marciano (prod. by Anatomy)
10. Red Snow (prod. by Anatomy)
11. Organised Democracy (prod. by Tony Mahony)
12. No Mans Land feat. Triple Darkness (prod. by 7th Dan)
13. Colour Blind feat. Madame Pepper (prod. by Anatomy)
14. Marble (prod. by Tony Mahony)
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