01. Intro (produced by Scott Stallone)
02. Burning the Mirror (produced by C-Lance)
03. When Crows Descend Upon You [featuring Demoz] (produced by Hypnotist Beats)
04. Fuck Ya Life [featuring Blacastan] (produced by Junior Makhno)
05. Imperial Tyranny [featuring King Magnetic] (produced by C-Lance)
06. Design in Malice [featuring Young Zee & Pacewon] (produced by Mr. Green)
07. Weapon of Unholy Wrath (produced by Shuko)
08. Target Practice (produced by Hypnotist Beats)
09. Carnival of Souls [featuring Demoz] (produced by Grand Finale)
10. Willing a Destruction onto Humanity (produced by C-Lance)
11. Chalice [featuring Chip Fu] (produced by Illinformed)
12. BloodBorn Enemy (produced by Nero)
13. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (produced by C-Lance)
14. Street Lights (produced by Nero)
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