Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Even Heathens (Produced by Trilian)
2. Dead Brain (Produced by Spion Liape)
3. Spring Break In A Crackhouse (Produced by Darkocity)
4. The Devils Defects ft. Donnie Menace (Produced by Cotardz)
5. Flu-Like Symptoms (Produced by Trilian)
6. Lunch Money ft. Lord Goat (Produced by Lord Goat)
7. Rotten (Produced by Trilian)
8. Interludes (Interlude)
9. Granny Porn (Produced by Trilian)
10. My Life ft. Copywrite & Ren Thomas (Produced by Sultan Mir)
11. Obscenery (Produced by Trilian)
12. Evolved (Produced by Gwiggy)
13. Organ Harvest ft Dr. FowlMouf (Produced by Cotardz)
14. Druggies (Produced by Edd Bundy)
15. Chophouse ft. Dr. FowlMouf & Mage Mortician of Freewill (Produced by Trilian)
16. Dead Brain Remix (Produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. A New Abyss
2. Lucid Fragments feat. Lyrikill, DJ Skratchmo
3. Witches Sabbath feat. Lord Goat
4. Magenta Brainwash
5. Sovereign Sirens
6. Pass the Vodka
7. Tortured Calculations
8. Altered Beast
9. Futura Dystopia

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: UK

1. Jesus in Adidas
2. Magnifique
3. Bars for Life feat. Micall Parknsun
4. Buss Fire feat. Cosm, Twizzy, George Bucks, Doc Terror, Brotherman & DJ Madhandz
5. We’re Talking
6. Love for You feat. CL BRKS & Micall Parknsun
7. Right Moves
8. Donuts

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Germany

1. The Come Up (Prod by Snowgoons)
2. Shadows ft Solo For Dolo (Prod by Snowgoons)
3. Prezidential Goons (Prod by Sicknature of the Snowgoons)
4. Dollar & A Prayer ft Wais P. (Prod by DJ Sixkay & Tony Crisp)
5. Jackpot (Prod by Snowgoons)
6. Let It Bang (Prod by Sicknature of the Snowgoons)
7. Tough Times (Prod by Marco Polo)
8. Man Up ft 91 The Saga (Prod by DJ Sixkay & Tony Crisp)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: UK

1. Atonement
2. Now I Know
3. Devils In The Details
4. Mad World (feat. Amy True & Chester P)
5. Headway (feat. Pacewon)
6. Study In Fear (feat. Tenchoo, Verbz, Omus One & Hozay)
7. Love Thy Neighbour (feat. Seanie T)
8. Nowhere Theme
9. Soul Plan (feat. Flo Kirton)
10. No Mercy (feat. Rap God X)
11. Bunga (feat. Ruste Juxx, Enlish & Red Master)
12. Easy Addict (feat. Al The Native)
13. Pressure
14. Split
15. Fond Memories (feat. Flo Kirton)
16. Take It Back (feat. Genesis Elijah & Novar FLIP)

Location: NYC, USA

2.Wu Wei (Feat. Ron Donson)
4.So Long (Feat. MAV & Rob Gates)
5.Uncle Zoe
6.Real Shit
7.A Wise Man Once Said Nothing (Feat. Rigz)
9.Tree Of Life

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Supreme Sorcerers (Prod. by C-Lance)
2. Skull & Bones (Prod. by Motherhood)
3. PLANdemic (Prod. by RUEN)
4. Ezekiel’s Wheel (Prod. by Onaje Jordan)
5. Anubis Prayer (feat. Luey the 4th, Joey Duz, CTraffik & DJ Exes) Prod. by RUEN
6. Book of Watchers (Prod. by Lazarus Child)
7. Stained Glass (Prod. by RUEN)
8. Godz of Kemet (feat. Killy Shoot, Serum & KeytaLife) Prod. by Onaje Jordan
9. Walking In The Dark (Prod. by RUEN)
10. The Offering (feat. Elijah Wayne of Bleedseason) Prod. by C-Lance

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Introduction
2. Give it Up (Prod. Dark Fvada)
3. Hustlemann (Prod. K Rock)
4. SitYoAssDown (Prod. Deli)
5. Keep it on Me ft. Nems, Ruste Juxx & Wayne Danger (Prod. Dj Profluent)
6. Same Energy (Prod. Dark Fvada)
7. Gully ft. Termanology (Prod. Pauly Cicero)
8. Savage (Prod. Pauly Cicero)
9. Already Drunk (Prod. Edobeci)
10. Workin’ (Prod. Trox)
11. Regular Shit (Prod. Trip)
12. Longevity ft. Doitalldu, Artisin & Reks (Prod. Lord Jazz)
13. Bills (Prod. Motion Picture)
14. Right Now [Gimme Dat] (Prod. Shortfyuz)
15. F.U.V.M. ft. Keith Murray (Prod. Dark Fvada)
16. Better Be Careful ft. Mia Jae (Prod. J Rob)

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