Str8 Gutta – Last In Line (Uncut) (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Canada

2.E-Ville Affiliate ft. Tallman
3.City Of Champs
4.Running A Train
5.Gourmet Sorbet
6.Hoodfellaz ft. Merkules
7.Jamerican Psycho
8.Overkill ft. Swollen Members
10.Blood In Blood Out ft. Dwennimmen
11.Low Cash Bail
13.Immortal Outlaw
14.My Ones ft. Dizzi Bhadhandz
15.Ms. Demeanor ft. Ms Teaze
16.Chillin Wit A Bawse
17.Gunz Up ft. Ol Skool & Terry Troutman
18.Warp Speed ft. Corvid Lorax
19.See What I See ft. KazMega & Q-Rock
20.Idle No More pt2 ft. Drezus
21.Escape ft. Reason
24.Last In Line Remix (Bonus)

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Blakcmass – Daggers Perils and the Evil Eye (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Intro-Al Baqarah
3.Blue MD 2020
4.Infinity prod by Norman Kratez
5.Day of Requital ft. Markus Kane prod by Bazz O the Great One
6.Blue Diamondz prod by Lord Beatjitzu ft. Voyce 360
8.Slayers of Damascus ft. Gusto Malenko and Ill Tragedy
9.Evil Music Box
10.Al Nar ft. Gravity
11.Golden Ratio ft. 14th Century and Bazz O the Great One
12.Lapis Daggers ft.Gravity
13.Mic Killahz for Hire ft. Bazz O the Great One prod by Dj KBG
14.Lost Causes ft. Gravity
15.Needlez and Pinz ft. Markus Kane and Insano

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Omus One – Desert Sands (2016)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Stuck In The Treads (Pt. 2) 1
2. Infinite
3. Brittle Plastics
4. Passin’ Traffic
5. Huntress
6. Falling Apart (Original Cut)
7. Pusher Man
8. Lackin’ Function
9. Desert Sands Ft. Cracker Jon
10. nCutters Choice
11. Trust A Bitch Ft. Tony Broke
12. The Other Side
13. Field Doctors Ft. Dubbul O + Lizard Flex
14. Trippin’ Over You

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Organazation – Completion (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Puzzle Intro (feat. Puzzle & Skramble)
2. Move Silent (feat. War n Danjr)
3. 2000 and Now (feat. Skramble, Cope Kills & War n Danjr)
4. Whos Cope (feat. Cope Killz)
5. With My Crew (feat. Skramble, Black da Culprit & M3)
6. Get Torn Down (feat. Cope Killz & Black da Culprit)
7. Cope Killz (feat. Cope Killz)
8. Armagetchagun (feat. War n Danjr)
9. Deuce Feeva Nina (feat. Black da Culprit & M3)
10. Barry (feat. War n Danjr)
11. Hand on My Gun (feat. Black da Culprit & Cope Killz)
12. House of Flying Bars (feat. Cope Killz, Skramble & War n Danjr)
13. Organazation (feat. Skramble, Puzzle & War n Danjr)
14. No Angels (feat. M3, Skramble & Cope Killz)
15. Castaway (feat. War n Danjr)
16. Perspective (feat. Black da Culprit, Fla Springs, Skramble & Cope Killz)
17. Thanks Miss (feat. War n Danjr)
18. Wack ‘n’ Shit (feat. Skramble & War n Danjr)

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Maka MC – Dialog (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Luxembourg

2.Latino Blues
3.Wéi jiddereen seet
4.Fame (feat. BC One)
6.Blind Spot
7.Monolog (feat. David Fluit)
8.Zevill Blabla
9.Routine (feat. VIC)
11.Wielt mëch erem
12.Schalt zerèck (feat Dany Le Loup)
13.Et läit op der Hand
14.Frënd vun der Sonn
15.90’s (feat. Dany Le Loup)
17.Liewen noom Liewen

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Eloh Kush & Dus – Angeldus (2016)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1.Intro/ Above The Manger
2.Circadian Rhythm
3.Interlude 1- Seshat Ali Speaks
4.Beautiful Struggle
5.B- Boy Bonanza ft John Robinson x EL Da Sensi x A.G. x Stahhr
6.Carnal Desire ft Ja the Gift x Redd
7.89 Angelz ft Glorious x Lord Sun x Khamisi x Desi Castro
9.N.W.A.(NeteruWithAptitude) ft 60 Second Assassin
10.Interlude 2 – Seshat Ali Speaks
11.P.C.P-L.S.D. /Outro

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