M.O.I. (Phalo Pantoja) – Vitriol (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: France

2.Qui suis je
4.Etre ou avoir
5.Interlude genèse
6.ma genèse
7.Nos rêves
8.Sous contrôle feat. Daz ini, Walter MC, Tiemoko, Jeanjass & Jaahydd
9.Skit 1
10.Au pays des merveilles
11.Votre mort nous intéresse feat. Phalo Pantoja
12.Interlude le pape
13.Le pape
14.Quand j’étais petit (remix) feat. Jaahydd
15.Skit 2
16.Un déchet bien de chez nous feat. Rel McCoy
17.Vision cinématographique feat. Nob da Rootsnegg & Kostaire
18.Skit 3
19.Mourir avant l’âge
20.Les jolies colonies feat. Phileas Flow
22.Nos rêves (remix) feat. Moax

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Snowgoons – Goon Bap (2016)

Quality: FLAC & 320 Kbps – Location: Germany

01. Kick, Snare & Hi-Hats Intro (feat. Dj Premier)
02. Goon Bap (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Sicknature)
03. The 90’s Are Back (feat. O.C., DoItAll, UG, Sticky Fingaz, Dres, Nine, Sonny Seeza, Ras Kass & Psycho Les)
04. All City Kingz (feat. Artifacts)
05. Team Death Match (feat. Diabolic, Chino XL, Lil Fame, Fredro Starr & Justin Tyme)
06. Keep Runnin’ (feat. Chris Rivers)
07. Problems (feat. Locksmith, Skrewtape & Rite Hook)
08. Way Ahead (feat. Dilated Peoples)
09. I Reminisce (feat. Intell, Sean Strange & Method Man)
10. Steady Cloakin (feat. The Doppelgangaz)
11. We Won’t Die (feat. Sicknature & Sean Strange)
12. It’s A Queens Thing (feat. Infamous Mobb)
13. Cypher God (feat. Passionate MC)
14. Solid Gold Guns (feat. Conway, Banish, Supreme Cerebral & Recognize Ali)
15. Know What You’re Facing (feat. Killah Priest, Slaine & Aspects)
16. Give Me Room (feat. Flatlinerz)
17. Tight Team (feat. Epidemic)
18. New Kidz On The Blok (feat. Token, TJ Brown, Big Kurt, Intell & Merkules)
19. Freedom (feat. Sicknature, Snak The Ripper & Block McCloud)
20. Killaz Supreme (feat. Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Aspects & Sick Jacken)
21. My Advice (feat. Pumpkinhead)

FLAC (tracks+cue)

320 Kbps

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Mesa – Excès d’Humeur (Version Instrumentale) (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: France

1. Intro (Instrumental)
2. Attiré par le fond (Instrumental)
3. Dramatique (Instrumental)
4. Inquiétant (Instrumental)
5. Sonne l’alarme (Instrumental)
6. Président 2.0 (Instrumental)
7. Qcvp (Instrumental)
8. Geek (Instrumental)
9. Je connais (Instrumental)
10. Demain c’est mort (Instrumental)
11. Ca fait longtemps (Instrumental)
12. Désabusé (Instrumental)
13. Dernier (Instrumental)
14. Bienvenue (Instrumental)

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MaxPtah – Full Range Frequency (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Intro – Frequencies
2.Fantastic Damage (featuring Lyrikill, MR. SKURGE, Mmilk)
3.The Guest List (featuring SavSola)
4.In the Drive-In (featuring DVS)
5.Breathless (featuring staHHr)
7.NightLights (featuring Infinito 2017 & MR. SKURGE)
8.The Long Game (featuring Blueprint)
9.City of Mine (featuring DVS and Donwill)
10.Live From Everywhere [Remix] (featuring Von Pea)
11.Like Me [Remix] (featuring Rapper Big Pooh and Tonya Dyson)
12.Veteran’s Day (featuring Jason Da Hater and Eddie Meeks)
13.Solitude (featuring Oso Negro)

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Kevlaar 7 – The King Perfect Collection (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Wisemen – New Year Banger
2.Ask About Me Ft. Styles P & Bronze Nazareth
3.Detroit’s Agony
5.Life’s On the Clock Ft. Rain the Quiet Storm
6.Boulevard Article 2
7.Wisemen – Wisemen Approaching
8.Wisemen – Corn Liquor Thoughts
9.Famine O’ Clock
10.Wisemen – Welcome Home feat. Gooch & Altaire
11.Mind Affection & Playground Humping
12.Duel of the Minds
13.The Lean Ft. Salute Da Kidd
14.Wisemen – Faith Doctrine
15.We Gon Make It Ft. Solomon Childs
16.Mixture of Muhammad
17.Sweet Murder & Razor Blade Slide
18.Jason Bourne ft. June Marx & Cas Metah
19.Wisemen – Associated Ft. GZA
20.Kings Ft. Salute Da Kidd
21.Sophisticated Movement Ft. Shake Cee & the WiseKids

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Tumor aka Two More – Suicide Brothers (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA & Switzerland

1. Intro (feat. Edo G & Pace Won)
2. Not Guilty (feat. DeeDubb, Benny Candela & Makempay)
3. Fuck Rap (feat. St. Laz & J.R. Writer)
4. Battle Music (feat. M Dot Baggz, King Iso, Twisted Insane & Redro Killson)
5. La guerre (feat. Le First, Sista Lin & Knightstalker)
6. Hinter dem Vorhang (feat. Cr7z)
7. I See (feat. Klokwize & Grand Surgeon)
8. Tap Out (feat. G-Free & Akrobatik)
9. 5Th Gear (feat. Twisted Insane & M Dot Baggz)
10. New York (feat. St. Laz, Hangman & Agallah)
11. Setz die Segel (feat. Liquit Walker, Mica7 & Dashenn)
12. Overkill (feat. Edo G, Sista Lin & Mos)
13. Lords of the Trees (feat. Mendo Dope, Rootsboy & Trevor Lyon)
14. Problem Kid (feat. Ruste Juxx & Benny Candela)
15. Suicide Brothers (feat. Amadeus the Stampede)
16. Outro (feat. Stephano Theo)

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Dredkid – 8 Imaginario (2016)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Chile

1. Imaginario (feat. Dj Rulz)
2. Se Llama Rap (feat. Dj ST)
3. Quieren (feat. Dj Rulz)
4. Sal-Via (feat. Dj ST)
5. Planet (feat. Dialect & Dj ST)
6. Mais um Dia (feat. Dj ST)
7. Antipretensión (feat. Matiah Chinaski & Dj Perez)
8. Como el Viento (feat. Dj Drones)
9. Nortenegro (feat. Blacksfinge & Manosnegros)
10. Sueños de Mic (feat. Dj Sta)

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