Pruven – Layered Paint (2015)

Quality: 320 Kbps   Location:  New York – Usa

1. Lava Lamp Intro producer: Indigenous Culture Records
2. Nations Built producer: Dig Dug
3. Sun Code producer: Iron Feather
4. Ways Of The Enigma producer: Indigenous Culture Records
5. Fire Checks featuring: Enstinctz producer: Indigenous Culture Records
6. Virulent Kindness! producer: Indigenous Culture Records
7. Science Of Mind producer: Scvtterbrvin
8. Up Switch It producer: Iron Feather
9. Respect Is Earned featuring: Scviterbrvin producer: Iron Feather
10. Vocal Calcium producer: Mainiakist
11. Novocaine Withdrawal producer: Iron Feather
12. Lava Lamp Outro producer: Indigenous Culture Records

Pro P – Street Life (Beat Tape) (2015)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Manchester, UK

1.Raise The Curtain
2.Realest To Do It
3.Hope You Die
4.Cops And Robbers
5.Street Life
6.Like Woah
8.The Price Of Freedom
9.Get At Ya
10.Raising Capital
11.Throwin Down
12.Surveillance State
13.Never Enough
14.This Way
15.Swamp Thing
16.Write A Song
17.Power Music
20.Story Of My Life

Recto Verso – Effet miroir (2015)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: France

1. Recto Verso
2. Lettre Ouverte
3. Ils Savent Pas feat. Le Gouffre
4. Fataliste
5. Instinct De Survie
6. Sacrifice De Pions
7. Rookies
8. Psychotherapie
9. Couvre-Feu
10. Les Bras Casse feat. Diomay
11. Theorie De La Regression feat. Krimo HF
12. Cadran Sol Air
13. Vers Solitaires feat. Paco
14. Effet Miroir

Ape the Grim – The Idealist (2015)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: United States – Rockingham County, New Hampshire

1. The Idealist
2. Best Around II
3. Talent
4. Flip da Hat (feat. Statik Selektah)
5. Apey Loves You
6. Long Overdue (feat. Joshua Watkinson)
7. Monkey See Monkey Do (feat. Makaio the Tornado)
8. Swipe da Funk (feat. Statik Selektah, Mr. Lif & Nabo Rawk)
9. Stetson Hats (feat. Kool Keith)
10. Rebel Souls
11. Life Is Understanding (feat. Doug York, Termanology & Easy Money)
12. Let Go of Your Eyes
13. Losin’ Money (feat. Mike Turner & The Rhyminal)
14. Wanna Go?!?! (feat. Cuts By Statik Selektah)
15. What’s the Sitch (feat. Reks & Alias)
16. Ugly Americans
17. Hip Hop Holy Ghost
18. All Shine On (feat. 8Bza, JFK, Rayel, Undu-Kati & Bugout)
19. Rap’s Grateful Dead