Main Flow – The Cincinatti Kid (2014)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Cincinnati, USA

1. Nati Kid
2. Boomtown (feat. Stacey Murray & Justin Werner)
3. Gravity Escapes Me (feat. Vokab Company & Apaulo 8)
4. Blue and Whites (feat. J. Sands & Esoteric)
5. Stimulus Package
6. Relax (feat. King Magnetic)
7. Changes (feat. MC Complex)
8. Fully Gone
9. Lost in the Rapture
10. The Best Around (feat. Justin Werner)
11. Street Prophets (feat. Copywrite)
12. Sunny (feat. Lord B.)
13. Stay Focused (feat. Black Silver & Justin Werner)
14. Something to See (feat. Solicit)
15. The Way I Talk (feat. Young Loot)
16. Droppin Grenades (feat. Donte)
17. When Tomorrow Comes (feat. Justin Werner)
18. Poverty’s Paradise (feat. Reks)
19. Come Back (feat. Justin Werner)

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G.Grand – Grand Designs (2014)

Location: Canada

1.Grand Designs (Ft. Eric Vincent-Patry)
2.Look Up To The Sky
3.Give ‘Em A Show (Ft. Hyfidelik the Gypsy Sun)
4.Une Chanson Pour Toi
5.We Bout It (Ft. DJ So Nice)
6.Shine On ‘Em
7.Pardon Me, Brother
8.Where You Are (Ft. Kay Flow & Logik)
9.Player, Play On (Ft. Words)
10.Thoughts On Absolutely Nothing
11.Step Ahead
12.We Might As Well

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BadHabitz – Diggin’ Up The Past (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1.Ramson Badbonez-Incredible
2.Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, Possessed-Killing Larry
3.Mystro-That There
4.Datkid, Bva, Res & Leafdog-Devils Lettuce
5.Sonnyjim-Hungry Monsters
6.Onoe Caponoe-Mirrorondawall
7.Concept of Thought-Bringing it Back
9.TPS fam-Broken Smile
10.Dr Syntax-My House
11.Dirty Dike, Upfront & Datkid-Shuuuuuuush
12.Phi-Life Cypher-Herbaholics
13.Physiks-Corn on the Cob
14.Buggsy-Born inna System
15.Sleaze-Dumb Dumb
17.Index-Weed Music
18.Dr Syntax-Go for it

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Poet On Drugs – Poet on Drugs (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Hardcore Drugs (Prod By L.O.B.)
2.Rotten (Prod By Thovo Beats)
4.Doomsday Ft. DJ Coach One (Prod y Edd Bundy)
5.Reality Rap (Prod By Vherbal)
6.Sickness Ft. DJ Coach One (Prod By L.O.B.)
7.Charles Bronson In Death Wish (Prod By Jus Beats)
8.If I Ruled The World 2014 Ft. DJ TMB (Prod By L.O.B.)

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Popochanel – Je te remets au Parfum (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Marseille – France

1. Fils de docker
2. Buzz
3. Monde de p…
4. Produit dangereux
5. Fil bleu, fil rouge (feat. Finch Harper)
6. Avec la mama
7. Idées noires
8. KO ou pas ?
9. Il veut ta voix
10. Cohérence zéro
11. Rlass
12. Fuck You (feat. Phonk-T)
13. Les français parlent aux français
14. C pour les frères
15. Dans ton coin (feat. Phonk T, L’adjoint)
16. Plus de place
17. Je te mets au parfum
18. Investie
19. L’instinct
20. Fuck Ce bizz
21. En mode répondeur (feat. Xphases, L’adjoint, Phonk-T)

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Meta P – Evolution of the White Wolf (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Loation: Rhode Island, USA

3.Kill Swag (feat. Celph Titled)
4.Animal (feat. Block McCloud & Fresh Jones)
6.On Top (feat. Jp Perez)
7.So Cold (feat. Medusah Black)
9.Wolves (feat. Swann Notty & Apathy)
10.Rhode Island Black (feat. Swann Notty, Kold Kash, Hammer Beanz, St1ckz Diamondeyez, Passionate MC, Flawless, Big G’s & Tony Alamo)
11.Bang Your Head (feat. Slaine & Swann Notty)
12.Righteous Path (feat. Mayhem & Reks)
13.Old to the New (feat. Freddie Black)
14.Happy Birthday Lindsay (feat. Block McCloud)
15.Kill Swag (Orator3 Remix) [feat. Celph Titled]
16.Evil (feat. Big G’s & Block McCloud)
17.New Day

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