Daima Manzu – Daimanology (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Torino, Italy

1.Solo Hardcore (intro)
2.Dark Eyez (feat. Christ Bearer & Thea Van Seijen)
3.Titans (feat. Solomon Childs & Divine Souljah
4.Invidia (feat. Youss Yakuza)
5.R.O.C.C.O. (feat. Jojo Pellegrino & Lord Madness)
6.Atmosfere (feat. Kool G Rap, Maury B & Primo)
7.Rap Alchemico (feat. Dope One & Bronze Nazareth)
8.Shaolin Style 2013
9.Electric Vibes
10.+ Blues (feat. 12 O’Clock & Sick Boy Simon)
12.My mind
13.True Words (feat. Tormento)

Local-Mu12 – Labor Day (2014)

Quality: 320 kbps Location: New York – USA

1. Welcome to Local-Mu12 (feat. The 17th, Rp, Stryfe & Julian Juellz)
2. Work (feat. The 17th, Fokis & Stryfe)
3. Unhappy (feat. The 17th, Fokis & Broadway Barrett)
4. Pay What You Owe (feat. Stryfe, Rp & Fokis)
5. Paul Pierce (feat. Tj, RP & Fokis)
6. Wealth (feat. Fokis, Big Pooh, Julian Juellz & Stryfe)
7. Hood Day (feat. Tj, Fokis, RP & Son Ray)
8. Lost (feat. Fokis, The 17th & Tj)
9. She Loves Me Not (feat. The 17th & Broadway Barrett)
10. Champion (feat. Stryfe, Skyzoo & Broadway Barrett)
11. Run (feat. The 17th, Tj, Rp & Fokis)
12. Chains On Me (feat. The 17th, Rp & Stryfe)
13. No Fear (feat. The 17th, Stryfe, Fokis & Torae)
14. The Union (feat. The 17th, Sadat X & Julian Juellz)
15. Great Lyrical Shape (feat. Rp, Stryfe & The 17th)
16. Cadillac Gangsta (Bonus Track) [feat. Tj, Son Ray, Rp & Glc]
17. I Like It (Bonus Track) [feat. Stryfe, Fokis, Rp & Son Ray]

R-Juna – They Live (2014)

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

2.They Live (prod. by Philmatic)
3.Fool’s Gold
4.Lost Souls feat. Philmatic
5.Robot or Human
6.Sleepy People
7.Behold a Pale Horse feat. Ace One (prod. by IRIS)
8.Open Eyes
9.War Machine feat. Blooded The Brave
10.Psych Ops (prod. by Philmatic)
11.Asleep Selfish Sedated
12.The Wakeup Call

Kahlee & Soulplusmind – Blessed (2014)

320 Kbps

1.Pedal to the Floor
2.Here I Am
3.Time’s Moving Fast
4.Opportunity is Knockin’
5.Life’s a Trip [RIP DJ Flip]
6.Baring My Soul
7.God vs. Religion [Ft: I.Sheik & Awdbawl]
9.Life’s a Trip [D4M Mix]
10.Love Like This [Ft: Uptown Swuite]
11.The Balance [Ft: Sabac Red, CookBook & Awdbawl]
12.Sunshine [Ft: Uptown Swuite]
13.For My People

Pompier – Et s’il ne devait rester que des cendres? (2014)


1. Atteint de Lyricisme (feat DJ Sav)
2. Sale (feat Freko Ding, Wira et DJ Sav)
3. Une fleur sur une chape de béton (feat Djamal, D’ de Kabal, Drac et DJ Sav)
4. Danse avec les fous (feat Devilz Speciez, Da’Pro et DJ Sav)
5. Pas le temps (Trop speed) (feat Kazer de Mars, Babylass et Drac)
6. C’est l’histoire d’un môme
7. Rien à foutre du rap (feat Arsa, Samm (Coloquinte) et Drac)
8. Baleti (feat Mauresca)
9. La machine (feat Skalpel (Première Ligne) et Syrano)
10. Je marche seul (feat Papifredo, Zé Riu et Drac)
11. Rien à perdre (feat Altermutants)
12.Et s’il ne devait rester que des cendres (feat DJ Sav)

Juelz White – Your Next MixTape The Instrumental Album (2014)


1. Thats Me
2. Middle of Your Day
3. Word On the Street
4. Backboards
5. Limo’s
6. Stroll In the Park
7. Beauty
8. What They Say
9. Faithful
10. Sun and Trees
11. Church
12. The Samba
13. Hey Ma
14. Green Day
15. Good Time
16. Goin Places
17. Warfare
18. Power
19. Concrete
20. Sante Fe
21. The Window
22. Drug Head
23. Thank You

Funky DL – A Classic Example of A… (Instrumentals) (2014)


1. Falling Up (Instrumental)
2. Rhymin’ 76 (Instrumental)
3. C’Mon (Instrumental)
4. Your Night (Instrumental
5. My 20 (Instrumental)
6. Copy & Paste (Instrumental)
7. Star Signs (Instrumental)
8. Someone to Love (Instrumental)
9. Hold On, Wait Up (Instrumental)
10. Listen (Instrumental)
11. Wealthy (Instrumental)
12. I Am/Quattro (Instrumental)
13. The Countdown (Instrumental)
14. Tell Me Something (Instrumental)
15. Seven (Instrumental)

Righteouz Knight – Abstrakt Theory (Presented by DJ Average Joe) (2014)

320 Kbps

01. Intro (Abstrakt Theory)
02. Below Sea Level
03. Demolition Derby (feat. Swinn Da Example & Freestyle Fam)
04. Hip Hop Shop
05. Grab Your Mic (feat. Disciple (D.I.) & Datin)
06. Volume Up
07. You Wanna Help Me (Interlude)
08. Hard Fight
09. Mind Labyrinth
10. Psalm 66-19 (feat. Reveal & Thakidd Jopp)
11. Let It Out
12. Knight & The Nazirite
13. Jersey Saintz (feat. Anonymous XI)
14. Kick Rocks
15. Scrabble Battle (feat. Chozyn Disyple & Swinn Da Example)
16. Without The Lord Imma Slave (feat. Rkitect & Freestyle Fam)
17. Liberty In Christ (feat. Evangel)
18. Outro (Testimony Of A Lyricist)
19. El Maestro (feat. The Apologist)