DJ JabbaThaKut – Intricate Moves Vol. 1 (2013)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: UK

1. Freshest On the Map
2. Never Seen Before
3. The Main Ingredient
4. The Session
5. Enter the Stage
6. Funky Fresh
7. Heart of a King On the Decks
8 Heavy Artillery
9. Independant Status
10. Melody in Rythm
11. Remain Up in the Lab
12. Rotating the Wax
13. Skratch Ya F’in Eyez Out

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Revalation – Feature Presentation (2013)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Revalation ft. Seven Soladin – Make Room (produced by LP2)
2. Revalation ft. Dominique Larue – Here We Go (produced by Shade Cobain)
3. Revalation ft. Kore & Strick 9 – P.I.M.P (produced by Soul Infected)
4. Revalation ft. Kayda Luz – Paid Dues (produced by Skammadix)
5. Revalation – Take No Prisoners ft. B.A.M., Tribeca, Ellementt & Punchline (produced by Skammadix)
6. Revalation ft. Phil Blount – Leave It Alone (produced by Iron Lung) Cuts by DJ Jean Maron
7. Revalation – Summer In The City ft. Dizzy Dizasta & DraMatiK (produced by MidiFlash)
8. Revalation ft. Joe Scudda & Mayhem – Up Against (produced by Pause Beats) Cuts by DJ Family Tyz
9. Revalation – Hometown Heroes ft. Joe Lazarus & Busy Bars (produced by SoulPete)
10. Revalation – We On Now ft. Nick Swann, T.Real, Arewhy & Baltimore S.O.N. (produced by Explizit One)
11. Revalation – Gutter Music ft. B.E.N.E.F.I.T. & Desco (produced by Empne)
12. Revalation ft. Mayhem & Sha Stimuli – Everyday (Symphonik BANG REMIX)
13. Revalation ft. King Magnetic, GQ, Tribeca, M-Dot, Mayhem & Desco – OD ANTHEM (Prod by Symphonik BANG) (Cuts By DJ Jean Maron)
14. Revalation – Smile ft. Ty Quoddy & Boycott Blues (produced by ToneDeff Cutz)
15. Revalation – My Triumph ft. Crimdella & Undu Kati (produced by Reckonize Real)
16. Revalation – True 2 Life ft. Phatal & Mic E. Benson (produced by SoulSlicers)
17. Revalation ft. Dice & Joey B – We Can Make It (produced by Abstrakt)
18. Revalation ft. Idasa Tariq – Watered Down (produced by Jerz) Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa
19. Revalation ft. Don Streat & Senica – Death To All Fakes (produced by DJ Brans) Cuts by DJ Djaz
20. Revalation ft. REKS – Just For The Rhymes (DJ Duke Remix)
21. Revalation ft. M-Dot & Termanology – We’re From Mass (Gajos Remix)
22. Revalation ft. Don Streat & Baltimore S.O.N. – U Outta Luck (produced by Gee Wiz)
23. Revalation ft. REKS – Just For The Rhymes (Symphonik BANG REMIX)
24. DJ Nucleus – Night Is Yourz ft. Joe Lazarus, Don Streat, Senica Da Misfit & Revalation (prod. by DJ Nucleus)

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Ixion Form – The Album That Never Came Out (2013)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. White Noise feat. Adverse, O.D. the architect prod. Playwright Performer
2. Block P.S.A. (prelude to Requiem for the present) featuring Block McCloud prod. Playwright Performer
3. Requiem for the present featuring Mac Lethal prod. Playwright Performer
4. Crisis featuring Ashley Box, Kelly Ooo wop prod. Playwright Performer
5. Frontline Special prod. Playwright Performer
6. Still Life featuring Shane Mushy Bricks, 11:23 prod by Playwright Performer
7. Take it 4 Ranted (cant afford a DJ edition) prod. Hellzwind
8. Change the time featuring Adverse (R.I.P.) prod. Playwright Performer
9. Blacks Defense prod. Hellzwind
10. L.I.R.R. featuring Cliff Clavin prod. Cliff Clavin
11. Anthem for the lost featuring Rise (formerly of the DemiGodz) prod. D Spiize
12. Early to rise featuring J.L. prod. Playwright Performer
13. Eye in the sky prod. D Spiize
14. Sunday Special featuring 11:23 prod. Playwright Performer
15. Untitled featuring Coal Cash prod. Playwright Performer
16. Thread featuring D Spiize prod. Playwright Performer
17. Mushy Twinkles featuring Shane Mushy Bricks, OD the Architect prod. Playwright Performer
18. Raise your sword featuring Mark Deez, Cliff Clavin, Just 1 prod. Playwright Performer
19. Refuge featuring OD the Architect prod. Playwright Performer
20. Smoke featuring Josh L. prod. Playwright Performer
21. Fire on high featuring James Dean 718, Billy Ballentine prod. Native Born
22. Delusional featuring J.L. and PH (formerly known as Pumpkinhead R.I.P.) prod. Playwright Performer
23. Fish Food prod. Playwright Performer
24. Chevy Music featuring Godilla, King Magnetic prod. Hellzwind
25. Proto Scoob featuring J.L. and Block McCloud prod. Playwright Performer
26. Lifetime prod. Playwright Performer
27. Killer instinct featuring Cliff Clavin, Elz Sinatra, DJ TMB prod. Sultan Mir

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The Lost Children of Babylon Present… Cosmicrusader Cosmicalculations Part 3 (2013)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Reality Check 1-2
2.Ad Nauseam
3.Encyclopedia Galactica
4.Crystal Skulls (feat. ATUN SEN GEB & Rasul Allah 7)
5.Twisted Language (feat. Aleister Crowley)
6.Once Upon a Timeless Moment (Too Late) [feat. ATUN SEN GEB & Lex Starwind]
7.Gaia Principle

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ATMA & Son of Saturn – Jakobz Ladder Vol. 1 (The Croatoa Koans) (2013)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Akashik Buildas Intro
2. Light Code
3. Corridors of The Golden Eternity
4. Mystic Physics
5. Life Is Sacred (Radhanath Swami)
6. Bhagavat Purana Da Hi Shin Dharani
7. Abhiseka
8. Kamikaze Karma
9. A Laughing Heart Interlude
10. Twelve Meridians Feat. Lone Ninja
11. Chastisement of The Wicked
12. Astral Rakshasa Oblivion
13. Heaven & Earth Outro
14. (Bonus Track) Jakobz Ladder
15. (Bonus Track) Kundalini Rising
16. Srila Prabhupada Chanting Mahamantra

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