DJ Transe – Te Fumas Uno (2011)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Maipú, Chile

01 – Enrolando (Prod. Adosene)
02 – Nobody Knows (Con Hexsagon & David Casto) (Prod. Dj Transe)
03 – Me Queme Los Deos (Con Stevie Wonder & Rapsofonista) (Prod. Adosene)
04 – Los Perros Gritan (Con De Killtros) (Prod. Dj Transe)
05 – Me Fui En Pálida (Con Marta & The Vandellas) (Prod. Kabro Under)
06 – Any Profit (Con Flowyn) (Prod. Dj Transe)
07 – No Hay Mas Que Contar (Prod. Dj Transe)
08 – Hey! Beat! See! (Con Jackson 5) (Prod. Jestein Ritmos)
09 – The Roadless Travel (Con Genocide & Charles) (Prod. Dj Transe)
10 – Siempre Es Bueno Fumar (Con Marvin Gaye) (Prod. Adosene)
11 – Estamos Escribiendo (Con Cevladé & Gran Rah) (Prod. Dj Transe)
12 – Su Sahumerio (Con The Templations) (Prod. Dannyteks)
13 – Smoke Weed Everyday (Con Nate Dogg) (Prod. Adosene)

Shabazz The Disciple – Hood Hopera (Theatrica Biblica) (2011)

Quality: VO  –  Location: Brooklyn, USA

1.Watch Ova Me Lord
2.Hood Hopera (Theatrica Biblica)
3.Shema Israel
4.Look Up (Bow & Arrow) feat. Murdoc
5.T.H.U.G. Angel
6.Scarlett Robe (Prisoner)
7.Overture (Interlude)
8.Manna Machine
10.Plague Of Diamond Needlez (Superkool)
11.Dear Poppa (The 4th Epistle)
12.Broken Wing
13.Passion Of The Hood Christ
15.Broken Halo
16.Many Manzionz
17.Virgin Daugher Of babylon
18.Pankration (Cage vs Cons)

Aztech – In Due Time Vol. 2 (2011)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: United States – Massachusetts

1. Intro
2. Militant Mindstate
3. Back Then (Feat. Kasper, Craig G, Ethah & P-Ro)
4. Deeper Than That (feat. Ripshop & Oblivious)
5. Frozen In Time (feat. Relentless)
6. Iron Palm (feat. Ethah, Ben Grimm & Lateb)
7. Messin With Darkness (feat. Kasper)
8. Could You Maybe
9. The Deep (feat. Justice of Black River Sound)
10. Restless Silence (feat. P-Ro)
11. Speak Of The Devil (feat. Kasper)
12. The Remedy (feat. Moroney)
13. Tearz
14. The Outline

Vast Aire – Ox 2010 A Street Odyssey Instrumentals (2011)


1 . Nomad (Vastrumental)
2. Almighty Jose (Vastrumental)
3 The Man of Steel (Vastrumental)
4. I Don’t Care (Vastrumental)
5. 2090 (So Grimey) (Vastrumental)
6 . Phenom (Vastrumental)
7 . Horoscope (Vastrumental)
8 . The Cannon of Samus (Vastrumental)
9. Dark Matter (Vastrumental)
10. Merry Go Round (Vastrumental)
11. Thor’s Hammer (Vastrumental)
12. Spy vs. Spy (Vastrumental)
13 . The Verdict (Vastrumental)
14. Battle of the Planets (Vastrumental)

TReBeats – The Urge To Change Something (2011)

320 Kbps 

1.Intro (Cuts by D-Cypha)
2.Back To The Roots feat. C-Dash & Sherpa
3.Living Life feat. Element Rhymes
4.Dräng Dein Zwang feat. Kid Bunka (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
5.Armageddon feat. Jus Allah (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Block McCloud & Demunz
6.Dreaming feat. Mo The General
7.One Love feat. C-Dash (Cuts by D-Cypha)
8.Feel The Horn Interlude feat. DJ Organic
9.Reality Of Doom feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Unknown Mizery & Gutta (Cuts by D-Cypha)
10.So You Think You Can Battle The DJ feat. D-Cypha & DJ Clapto
11.Back To The Essence feat. C-Real (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
12.Respect feat. The Society Of Invisibles (Cuts by D-Cypha)
13.Paths Of War feat. J Smith & Warpath
14.Live feat. L-Echo
15.Domani Torn In Pista feat. Manic Mic (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
16.Real feat. Sherpa, C-Dash, J Smith, Warpath, Pole, Famoran & Reeen (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
17.Violence feat. Famoran, Psyco Tight, Manic Mic & Sherpa (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
18.They Don’t Know feat. Warpath
19.RSP Takeover feat. DJ Clapto & DJ Organic
20.Wie Du feat. Pole (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
21.Vivo feat. Dome

Slone – Premices (2011)

01. Intro (Dj Ducky Touch)
02. Ne Me Demande
03. J’apprecie feat. Arkaпk
04. Piano-Bar
05. Good feat. Arkaпk
06. ecrire feat. Malik & Arkaпk
07. Pause Orientale
08. Surveillance feat. Arkaпk
09. Inspiration feat. Arkaпk
10. Atipik feat. Arkaпk
11. Hip-Hop feat. Arkaпk
12. Espace Funk
13. Planete Brooklyn feat. Arkaпk
14. T’inquiete feat. Arkaпk
15. Outro

Sleaze – Arkitectoniks (2011)


1. Chemtro
2. Arkitectoniks (Feat. Lee Scott)
3. Kates Hill Movement
4. Winter Breeze (Feat. Jman & Amy Hatswell)
5. The Outline pt. 2 (Feat. Marvwon)
6. The Real (Feat. Sonnyjim & Nocando)
7. Beat Em Upz (Feat. G V Clik)
8. The One
9. All You Know
10. Butchad
11. Huh-Huh (Feat. Assa, Bonez & Kosyne)
12. Dust
13. Drakk
14. Koto (Feat. Beit Nun)
15. Unawared
16. Madskro