Tuff Crew – DJ Too Tuff’s Lost Archives (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

2.Old School Jackin feat. Prime Minister Dope
3.Northside Posse feat. Emcee Mechanism
4.Fat Ones feat. Ice Dog
5.One Straight Binness feat. Shujaa & Class (Straight Binness)
6.Into the Dangerzone (Dahkter Remix)
7.Meltdown feat. Emcee Mechanism
8.Off Beat
9.Louisville feat. Ice Dog
10.Badlands feat. Class (Straight Binness)
11.Hit A Block feat. E-dawg (Project Ni***z)
12.Extortion feat. Ice Dog
13.Mind Over Matter – Two Track Mix feat. Emcee Mechanism
14.Mech O.G. feat. Emcee Mechanism
17.Zone feat. Ice Dog

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Braille – The IV Edition Instrumental (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: Portland, Oregon – USA

1. Beautiful Humanity (Instrumental)
2. Submission Hold (Instrumental)
3. Calculated Risk (Instrumental)
4. The IV (Instrumental)
5. Main Squeeze (Instrumental)
6. Remember Your Path (Instrumental)
7. Constantly Growing (Instrumental)
8. Blessed Man (Instrumental)
9. Many Stories (Instrumental)
10. Raise the Dead (Instrumental)
11. Double Dose (Instrumental)
12. Counter Attack (Instrumental)
13. Mental Guards [Snitch Blade] (Instrumental)
14. Get it Right (Instrumental)
15. Restless (Instrumental)
16. ADDvice (Instrumental)

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Dap C & Dirty Sweet – Street Karma (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Intro
2. Music Game feat. Blak Twang & Geejay
3. Unstoppable feat. Geejay, MC Beads & Void Member
4. Jammin feat. Original Jenetics, Just Jay & Dominique Brody
5. The Look feat. Dom-P & Lewis Parker
6. Get Fucked Up feat. Fallacy, Kid Radical & Nia
7. Where Im Form feat. Big Cakes, Sir Smurf Lil & Simple
8. Next Saga 2008 feat. Big Cakes, Geejay & MC Beads
9. This Is My Life feat. Swift 89 & Wolftown Committee
10. Heaven feat. Stylah & Mr. Drastick
11. Passing Me By
12. The Boy Who Cried Wolf feat. Skinnyman, Supernova, Emceekilla, Karisma & S.Kalibre
13. Outro

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Stef The Crashtest – Der Anfang Vom Anfang (2008)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Tréveris, Alemania

1. Intro
2. Käfig voller Affen
3. Alles Versucht feat. Noy
4. BlaBla Und Bier (Skit)
5. Stück Stoff
6. Ausgespielt
7. Locker feat. Noy
8. Entourage Biz Blues
9. Gesört
10. SP1200 (Skit)
11. Seid Euch Sicher
12. Nicht Das Ganze Ding
13. Der Anfang Vom Anfang
14. Ex Oder Arschloch feat. Noy
15. Viertelnacheins (Skit)
16. So Viel feat. Noy
17. Was Sagt Die Zeit feat. Noy
18. O.P.A.
19. Einer Für Alle
20. Letzte Runde (Skit)
21. Alles Ist Gut feat. Retrogott, Olek, Chlodwigplatz Pütz Money, O-Flow, Noy und Sylabil Spill

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Dan Johns & DJ Force – Rebirth of a Dying Breed (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: South Carolina, USA

1.Top Rhymes
2.How You Gon School Me
3.The Hoax (ft Akshun)
4.See The Edge
5.Think Twice (ft K-Hill)
6.No Rewinds
7.Hall of Fame
8.Scavengers of Hip Hop (ft iCON the Mic King)
9.We Make The Rules (ft Supastition)
10.Can’t Kill Me (ft K-Hill)
11.Hopefully (ft Fat Rat Da Czar)
12.Why Don’t You Hear Me (ft Brian Connor)
13.Same Page ’08 (ft Chaundon)
14.Front Line (ft Saga Cash)
15.Now I Know
16.Midnight Express (ft Amen and Akshun)
17.Rest In Peace (ft Vahid)

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Mustafa Yoda & Dj Manuvers – Imaquinar: Las Maquinas Nos Imaginaran (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Argentina

1. Intro
2. Egosinismo (con DJ Raff)
3. Casi anarkista (con DJ Raff)
4. Enigma de semillas
5. Locura en la ciudad (con Soarse Spoken, Seth P Brudel y Seven Star)
6. El indio pícaro
7. Rondas nocturnas (con Juaninacka)
8. El fuego es el esfuerzo
9. Espera
10. El niño
11. Break
12. Golpe de palmas

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Tom Caruana – Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: Brighton – UK

1. Green Fingers (Instrumental)
2. Make Some Noise (Instrumental)
3. Way Of The Sword (Instrumental)
4. Road Rage (Instrumental)
5. The Rattla (Instrumental)
6. I Created This Style (Instrumental)
7. Straight Up (Instrumental)
8. It’s Arch (Instrumental)
9. Paranoia (Instrumental)
10. Concepts & Styles (Instrumental)
11. Hit Me (Instrumental)
12. Killing Joke Pt. 2 (Instrumental)
13. Smack You With A Hose (Instrumental)
14. Analyst (Instrumental)
15. Millennial Mic (Instrumental)
16. Trading Bars (Instrumental)
17. Sun God (Instrumental)
18. Human Dictionary (Instrumental)
19. Pen To Page (Instrumental)
20. HP & Doc Syners (Instrumental)
21. Resolutions (Instrumental)
22. Tears Fall Down My Eyes (Instrumental)
23. Major (Instrumental)
24. Live Wire (Instrumental)
25. Nothing Much (Instrumental)
26 Great Expectations (Instrumental)

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