Lord Digga – The High Plains Drifter (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Brooklyn, New York

1. Brand Nu Day
2. Watch Ya Back Featuring – Logic
3. Party Jam Featuring – Leschea, Masta Ace
4. High Like A Bird
5. Enemy Lines Featuring – Logic
6. Take The Cake
7. Word Play
8. Good Vibrations (’92 Demo Mix) Featuring – Masta Ace
9. Brand Nu Day (Instrumental)
10. Watch Ya Back (Instrumental)
11. Party Jam (Instrumental)
12. High Like A Bird (Instrumental)
13. Enemy Lines (Instrumental)
14. Take The Cake (Instrumental)
15. Word Play (Instrumental)

The Cenobites – Demented Thoughts (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Bronx, USA

1. Hawaii (feat. Godfather Don & Bobbito)
2. MC’s Out To Murder The World (feat. Godfather Don)
3. Don, Don, Don (feat. Godfather Don)
4. That’s How I’m Goin’ Out (feat. Godfather Don)
5. Hot Crib Promo (feat. Godfather Don & Cage)
6. Slaves (Original Mix) (feat. Godfather Don & Kool Keith)
7. Stretch & Bob Buggin’ Out (feat. Godfather Don)
8. Slave of New York (feat. Godfather Don)
9. MC’s Out To Murder The World (Extended Mix (feat. Godfather Don & Scaramanga))
10. MC’s Out To Murder The World (Instrumental)
11. That’s How I’m Goin’ Out (Instrumental)

DJ Mike Smooth Presents Shorty Long – The South Boogie EP (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Bronx, NY

01. Purple Rain
02. Ain’t Nuthin’ New Under The Sun (Feat. Harry-O & John Doe)
03. Say My Name
04. Be Alright
05. What’s Criminal?
06. South Boogie
07. Crime And Corruption (Feat. Firehead, Moet & West)
08. Purple Rain (Instrumental)
09. Ain’t Nuthin’ New Under The Sun (Instrumental)
10. Say My Name (Instrumental)
11. Be Alright (Instrumental)

Herb McGruff – The 1994 Demo (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Harlem, NYC

1. East And Police
2. I Keep My Palm On The Handle (Original Version)
3. My Place
4. I Keep My Palm On The Handle (Remix)
5. 8 Iz Enuff (Feat Big L, Twan, Buddah Bless, Cam’ron, Mike Boogie, Terra & Trooper J) (Demo Version)
6. East And Police (Groove Merchantz Remix)
7. My Place (Groove Merchantz Remix)
8. East And Police (Groove Merchantz Remix Instrumental)
9. My Place (Groove Merchantz Remix Instrumental)
10. East And Police (Bonus Beats)
11. I Keep My Palm On The Handle (Bonus Beats)
12. My Place (Bonus Beats)


Boiler Room Collective – The Album (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: United Kingdom – London

1. How We Do feat. Skinnyman, Supernovar, Genesis Elijah & Nasah
2. Way Of The Sword feat. Mastermold, Teej, Tsunami & Red Master
3. Make Some Noise feat. Wordsmith
4. BRC Jig feat. Demarvelest & Dr. Syntax
5. The Devil Made Us Do It feat. Teej, Crucifix, Red Master & Wordsmith
6. BRC Affiliates
7. Pace
8. Headswinging feat. Wordsmith & Teej
9. The Rattla feat. Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, Dr. Syntax & Red Master
10. Chillin Skit feat. Sabrina Roberts
11. Grand Deception feat. Wordsmith & Sabrina Roberts

Boiler Room Collective – The Mixtape (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: United Kingdom – London

1. Intro
2. BRC Jig (original version)
3. Pen To Page
4. Smash
5. Seven
6. What Will Be
7. Mud Fam Skit
8. How We Do (Crunk Remix Demo)
9. Cowbell Break
10. What This Is About (skit)
11. Daydream
12. Running Against The Wind
13. Wannabe Superstars
14. Waiting
15. No Stress (Drama)
16. Street Angel
17. Power Cosmic
18. Underground
19. Airplane Skit
20. Dark Dance
21. Boiler Room International
22. BRC Anthem
23. Way Of The Sample
24. How We Do (Munk & Alias Remix)

Vents – Hard To Kill (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps   Location: Australia-Adelaida

01.Time To Think
02.Hard to Kill lyrics
03.Fuck Em Up (ft. Sesta)
05.In The Shadows (ft. Suffa)
06.Watch Out
07.Travelling Man lyrics
08.First Of May
09.A Love Song lyrics
10.Silence Means Death
11.Five Minutes To Midnight
12.Flatline (ft. Robbie Balboa)
13.Full Metal (ft. Mortar and Trials)
14.Virus lyrics
15.In The Shadows [Trials Remix] (ft. Suffa)

Tragedy Khadafi – Q.U. Soldier (2008)

320 Kbps

Ride with Me
Blood Shot (featuring Blaq Poet and Hostyle)
Ive Been Waiting (featuring Lady Repo)
Ape Something (featuring Littles Killa Sha and Pretty Ugly)
Scarfaces (featuring Canibus)
General Statis (5 Star General) (featuring Styles P Scram Jones and Kool G Rap)
Body Under the Bridge (featuring Littles)
Blood Type (DJ Green Lantern remix)
Q. U. Soldier
Gimme Legacy (Prod. Kay Slay)
2 5 Taliban