UMC’s – Unleashed (1994)

1. Time To Set It Straight
2. We Go
3. Evil Ways
4. Hit The Track
5.  What’s Up
6 . Staten Island Comes First
7. Ill Demonic Clique  [Feat] – 3.,2.,1.*, Gold Rush, Rux
8. Some Speak Ill Thoughts
9. Whoa Now
10. Pleasure In The Dark
11. Can You Feel It
12. How It Gotta Be
13. Gotta Be Sure
14. My Thing
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Shyheim AKA the Rugged Child (Digital Remaster) (1994)

320 Kbps

01. Here Come The Hits
02. On And On (feat. June Luva & Milk D)
03. Pass It Off (feat. Rubbabandz, Down Low Recka & K-Tez)
04. Never Say Never (Interlude)
05. One’s 4 Da Money
06. Here I Am (feat. Down Low Recka)
07. Move It Over Here (feat. Pop Da Brown Hornet)
08. Buckwylyn
09. You The Man (feat. Down Low Recka)
10. Napsack
11. The Rugged Onez (feat. June Luva, Prophet & Quasi)
12. Little Rascals
13. The Headpiece (Interlude)
14. Party’s Goin’ On
15. Shouts On The Outs (Interlude)

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Ill Al Skratch – Creep Wit’ Me (1994) (Re-Upload)

01. They Got Love For Us
02. Where My Homiez (Come Around My Way)
03. This Is For My Homiez
04. I’ll Take Her (feat. Brian McKnight)
05. Chill With That
06. Where My Homiez (Come Around My Way)(Dub Version)
07. Creep Wit’ Me
08. Get Dough
09. The Brooklyn Uptown Connection
10. Classic Shit (Ill’s Solo)
11. Summertime (It’s All Good) (Al’s Solo)
12. I’ll Take Her (Brian’s Flow)



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The Wascals – Greatest Hits (1994) (Re-Upload)

Hemos comentado que el bueno de Buc Fifty ha salido de la carcel, preparado para dar guerra en una nueva mixtape. En sus origenes como mc, alla por el año 92 Bucwheed formaba parte del grupo Wascals junto a Spit Anky, Alfalfa y St. Imey. Este fué su único album editado bajo el sello delicius vinyl records y producido por J-Swift. Que buemo ver a un Buc Fifty quinceañero y con ese pelazo a lo afro.
1. Intro
2. Big Shit, Battleship
3. Class Clown
4. Hard Rhymes
5. F.U.N.
6. Doggy Style
7. Bootie Rap
8. Stole The Show
9. The Dips
10. Dream And Imaginate (feat Fatlip of The Pharcyde)
11. F.U.N. (Alternative Version)
12. The Dips (On My Jammie Mix)
13 Class Clown (Remix)
14 Imaginate (Xorcism)
15 The Dips (On My Jammie Mix Instrumental)
16. Big Shit, Battleship (Instrumental)
17. Class Clown (Instrumental)
18. Hard Rhymes (Instrumental)
19. F.U.N. (Instrumental)
20. Doggy Style (Instrumental)
21. Bootie Rap (Instrumental)
22. Stole The Show (Instrumental)
23. The Dips (Instrumental)
24. Imaginate (Instrumental)

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