Creative Juices Music – Blender Volume 3 (2017)

Props to IDE

01. Respect Tha God – Shake It up – Respect Tha God (Prod. By IDE)
02. Mad World – Defiant III (Prod. By IDE & Warry Syde)
03. Space Ghost – U.G. (Prod. By IDE & Warryn Syde)
04. Feed – Jise & ILL Bill (Prod. By DJ Insite)
05. 05. Grudges – IDE (Prod. By IDE)
06. Fuck Ya Lyfe (Remix) – Jedi Mind Tricks & Nems (Prod. By C-Lance)
07. Mosh To This – Necro & U.G. (Prod. By IDE)
08. Step Aside – Swave Sevah & Killer Mike (Prod By DJ Static)
09. Reality Check – Respect Tha God (Prod. By Jus Beats)
10. Dunoff – Dontique (Prod. By Lord Jamar)
11. Wordplay – IDE & U.G. (Prod. By IDE)
12. A Grey Strom Passing – Alucard (Prod By IDE)
13. Hero Instrumental (Prod By IDE & Shallow Tree)
14. F@Ll. – Jise & Freestyle (Prod. By Dras79 Mastamind)
15. The Jazz Joint – Maylay Sparks, Jeru The Damaja, IDE, & Life Long (Prod. By DJ Connect)
16. Talk 2 Em – Swave Sevah & Sean P (Prod. By P Stacks)
17. Dodgerville – Nems, PH & Poison Pen (Prod. By Beat Block Productions)
18. The War of The Currents – IDE & Alucard (Prod. By DJ Connect)
19. Super Gods – U.G. (Prod. By IDE)
20. Nirvana – IDE (Prod. By Lucky Loopiano & Kelly Finnigan)
21. New Beat 2 (Prod. By IDE)

Vast Aire – Ox 2010 A Street Odyssey Instrumentals (2011)


1 . Nomad (Vastrumental)
2. Almighty Jose (Vastrumental)
3 The Man of Steel (Vastrumental)
4. I Don’t Care (Vastrumental)
5. 2090 (So Grimey) (Vastrumental)
6 . Phenom (Vastrumental)
7 . Horoscope (Vastrumental)
8 . The Cannon of Samus (Vastrumental)
9. Dark Matter (Vastrumental)
10. Merry Go Round (Vastrumental)
11. Thor’s Hammer (Vastrumental)
12. Spy vs. Spy (Vastrumental)
13 . The Verdict (Vastrumental)
14. Battle of the Planets (Vastrumental)

Radio Justicia – Undercream Institute 16

1. Intro
2. Dj Rybe – Wolf Ticket Purchase ft. Blacastan, Ruste Juxx, Burke The Jurke, Slaine, Reef the Lost Cauze & King Magnetic
3. Propo’88 – The Anticipated Ft. Wildelux
4. M.O.P. – You Can’t Hide
5. Dash Shamash Presents – Capacity & Intent Ft. Slant, I.N.F. & Pace Won (Cuts. Dj 1sak)
6. Droogz Brigade – Voyage au Bout de la Nuit (prod altarba)
7. OuterSpace – Top Shelf
8. Lil Supa – Fresco & Sucio
9. Ivo Incuerdo – Mente Ácida (Prod. JaviFrashk)
10. Loncoche Zona Rap – Alza tu voz (Beat RNC 7) (Dj Cidtronyck)
11. Buckwild & Channel Live – Mad Izm (Original Mix)
12. Dj Lord Ron – Nocturnal Snakes Ft. Wildelux
13. Rawcotiks – Hardcore Hip Hop (DJ Premier Remix)
14. Funky Armenico – Grosse Frappus
15. Psych Ward – Organ Donors ft. Planet X
16. Stinkin Slumrok – Similac

TReBeats – The Urge To Change Something (2011)

320 Kbps 

1.Intro (Cuts by D-Cypha)
2.Back To The Roots feat. C-Dash & Sherpa
3.Living Life feat. Element Rhymes
4.Dräng Dein Zwang feat. Kid Bunka (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
5.Armageddon feat. Jus Allah (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Block McCloud & Demunz
6.Dreaming feat. Mo The General
7.One Love feat. C-Dash (Cuts by D-Cypha)
8.Feel The Horn Interlude feat. DJ Organic
9.Reality Of Doom feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Unknown Mizery & Gutta (Cuts by D-Cypha)
10.So You Think You Can Battle The DJ feat. D-Cypha & DJ Clapto
11.Back To The Essence feat. C-Real (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
12.Respect feat. The Society Of Invisibles (Cuts by D-Cypha)
13.Paths Of War feat. J Smith & Warpath
14.Live feat. L-Echo
15.Domani Torn In Pista feat. Manic Mic (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
16.Real feat. Sherpa, C-Dash, J Smith, Warpath, Pole, Famoran & Reeen (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
17.Violence feat. Famoran, Psyco Tight, Manic Mic & Sherpa (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
18.They Don’t Know feat. Warpath
19.RSP Takeover feat. DJ Clapto & DJ Organic
20.Wie Du feat. Pole (Cuts by DJ Clapto)
21.Vivo feat. Dome

Funky DL – The Jazz Lounge (2016)


1. But That’s Not Me (Jazz Lounge Remix)
2. You Know Me (Jazz Lounge Remix)
3. Le Jazz Courant Noir (Jazz Lounge Remix)
4. Out Of Touch (Jazz Lounge Remix)
5. Star Signs feat. Lei-an (Jazz Lounge Remix)
6. Ode To Nujabes (Jazz Lounge Remix)
7. So Sexy (Jazz Lounge Remix)
8. I’m A Beast (Jazz Lounge Remix)
9. Back Around The Old School (Jazz Lounge Remix)
10. No Time For Looking Back (Jazz Lounge Remix)
11. Cut From The Illest (Jazz Lounge Remix)
12. Wealthy feat. Lei-an (Jazz Lounge Remix)
13. The Morning (Jazz Lounge Remix)
14. That’s Love (Jazz Lounge Remix)
15. Blazing A 55 (Instrumental)
16. I Love… (Jazz Lounge Remix)
17. Scratchin’ My Head (Jazz Lounge Remix)

Dj Rybe – Channel Zero (2017)

320 Kbps

Props to McGregor

1.Tuned in (Intro)
2.Channel Zero ft. Adrian Adonis, Godilla & James Heated
3.Bugged Out ft. Reef the Lost Cauze, Shaz Illyork & Cap Cizza
4.The Mirror ft. Godilla & James heated
5.Wolf Ticket Purchase ft. Blacastan, Ruste Juxx, Burke The Jurke, Slaine, Reef the Lost Cauze & King Magnetic
6.Change the channel (Interlude)
7.Power Bars ft. Planet Asia & Agallah
8.Back to Basics ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Agallah
9.Real TV ft. Tribeca, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Mayhem
10.The Shinning ft. Blaq Poet, Spit Gemz & King Magnetic
11.Drug Trade ft. Aims