Cult Of The Damned – Cult Of The Damned (2015)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1.Cult Of The Damned – Lee Scott, Black Josh, Sleazy F Baby, Salar, Stinkin Slumrok, Bisk, King Grubb, Bill Shakes & Tony Broke.
2.Sugar Water – Bill Shakes, Salar, King Grubb, Lee Scott, Sly Moon, Bisk, Stinkin Slumrok & Tony Broke.
3.Leave With Us – Salar, Bill Shakes, Stinkin Slumrok & King Grubb.
4.Stinky Posse – Black Josh, King Grubb, Stinkin Slumrok, Salar, Sleazy F Baby & Bill Shakes.

Kamackeris aka Kwite Def – Artz and Craftz (2007)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: New York, USA

1. All is Fair
2. Keep Smoking
3. Kill or be Killed (Feat – Spiga,Rio & Foul Language)
4. FYI
5. Mocknecks (Feat – Dirtnation)
6. Khadijah 2008
7. Bitches Aint Sh*t (Feat – King Ceasar)
8. You Aint No Soldier
9. Check the Jewelz (Feat – Darcmind)
10. Live Life
11. You ILL (Feat – Lotto,Don P, & Raylong)
12. Just One

Tyler Knapp – Loading Sound One (2017)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

“On this project, I tried to make ‘tracks within tracks’, small clusters of beats with many twists and turns creating a more dynamic listening experience. Loading Sound One was complete freedom to make and I hope you enjoy the journey.”

 Tyler Knapp

1.Group 1
2.Group 2
3.Group 3
4.Group 4
5.Group 5
6.Group 6
7.Group 7