Dface Dxa & Llingo Apt – Dirty Llingo EP (2015)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: The Bronx, New York

1. It Gets Ruffa – Feat: Calamity Chris and Doam Peace of DXA – Prod. by Drumat!c
2. That’s It (Up In The Casket) – Prod. by LlingoApt
3. Pigs in Choppers – Prod. by Icerocks
4. On Stand By – Feat: Doam Peace, Warpath, Walt Sicknin’ – Prod. by Drumat!c
5. Grill Marks (Smack Your Face) – Feat: Too Deep – Prod. by Drumat!c
6. Go Fuck Yourself – Prod. by LlingoApt
7. Poison Control – Feat: Art Himself – Prod. by LlingoApt
8. It Gets Ruffa Remix– Feat: Calamity Chris and Doam Peace of DXA – Prod. by Icerocks

Dennis Da Menace – Quintessenz (2011)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Heilbronn (Germany)

1. Disskurs
2. Zerrspiegel (feat. Dexter)
3. Styx (feat. Maniac)
4. Harzige Grüsse
5. Quintessenz
6. Paradoxe Idylle (feat. Dexter)
7. Der Dritte Mann (feat. Waldo The Funk)
8. Oro Negro
9. Valium (feat. Fleisz)
10. Ohne sie bin ich nichts
11. Offenes Hemd (feat. Jaques Shure)
12. Heilbronn-Köln-Kombinat (feat. O-Flow & Niko Soprano)
13. Labyrinth (feat. Jaques Shure)
14. Wortsport Moerderbienen In ‘Nem Schwarm (feat. Jaques Shure, Dexter, Juke Macht Millionen, Maniac & Fleisz)
15. 40 Takte Therapie
16. Nicht witzig

+GHW BoomBapClassic (Dope Selection) 2017


Phalo Pantoja – Always One feat. MindsOne
Revolutionary Rhythm – Arrow
Marco Polo – Antonishing feal. Large Professor, Inspecah & OC
Senica Da misfit – Automatic feat. Ill conscicious, Don Streat & Cracker Jack
B Flatt & Tyranny – Back To Basics
Michael Piffsmoke – Bangtime feat Sbnigg Robinson
Ill Poetix – Because I love You
Fendaheads – Blue Lotus feat- Paranom
Juelz White – Braille feat. Fashawn, Turbin & Planet Asia
Gillateen – Burn chill
Buhay Cali, Dj Toshi & Chi Bully – Caskets
Supreme Sol – Coffee kakes
Big Block Silvers – Crime In The City
RA Rugged Man, Malik B, Mr Green & Amarie Brunn – Dark Streets
Emblema feat. D.O.M.S. – Denk Zrugg
Tragic Allies – Dont Get Left Behind
Mobb Deep – Drom A Gem On Em (Digitalluc Remix)
La Sombra – Ella
Ill Bill & Briggs – Eye For An Eye
Mathematics – Eyes
Zoodizoo – Physical Form
V-Zilla – Forget About Me
Supraliminal, Kool G Rap & Pacewon – Get It Done
Timeless Truth – Gods In The Details
Fakehunters – Guiding Lifht feat. Philosophy Cole
Blaq Poet – Head chopping feat. Bankay Fam
Black Josh – Henne Boize
Edo G. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Fokis – Hisoshima
MC Shinobi – Holding Wrath feat. GS E
D.B.A. – Hollow Tips feat. Conway, Planet Asia, J Scienide
Venomous2000 – Hot Dam feat. Artifacts, Tiye Phoenix & Dj Trickalome
The Dirty Sample – Im Guilty Remix ft. Guilty Simpson
Big Sproxx & Adam Bomb – Impecable feat. Planet Asia
Da Villins & Dj Skizz – Indivisible (p&P) feat. Sean Price
Big Block Silvers – Intermediaries
Leaf Dog & Tha God Fahim – Interrupt Your Little Session
Must Volkoff – Jewels & Crystals feat. Dialect
Dj Low Cut – Just Listen feat. Wildelux
Mz Boom Bap – Justsu feat. Ryler Smith
V-ZILLA & Lawrence Arnell – Kill Everything (Bonus Track)
Smooth & Giallo Point – Lanus feat. Crimeapple
Marquee – Learn So Hard
PackFM – Legendary
Dirt Disciples – Life Is Good (feat. Rick Gonzalez
The Absoujah – Life
North Bronx Alliance – Live 97
Tift The Gift – Love Rules The Streets feat. Awon & Dephlow
Organized Facts – Lyrical Experts
Stinkin Slumrock & morriarchi – madness
Superior – Make The Word Go feat. Blu & Edo G
Rakim – Man With A Gun
Hozay – Me Myself & I
IDE – Mic Hog
These Handz – Murder Wordplay feat. Don STreat, Cayoz & Macabeats
Ran Redd – No Wins
Apani B Fly MC – Number One Sound
Bloody Monk Consortium – Oculus Rift
Tone Atlas – Plata O Plomo feat. Conway & Pedro Escobar
Blacastan & mr Green – Power feat. DJ FMD
Junior Makhno – Psychedelic Influence feat. Dirt Platoon
Realz – Put Jewels On It feat. Vas Aire & Dj Afar
Da GReat Deity Dah – Rapmatics
U.G. – Readuy For War (Dj Concept Remix)
Neek The Exotic – Real NY City feat. Craig G
Deaf Switch & Toon Kurtis – REd Dot feat. Damien & Lesk One
Ante Meridian – Red Lorus Blossum feat. Panic, Mach Hommy, E-Flsh & V-Knuckles
Buddy Leezle – Same Damn Lo Sweater feat. Da Buze Bruvaz & Dj Soulbuck
Nick Mitdemkpopf, Lord Folter & Tusken – Sand In der Lunge
Dash Shamash – Scrap Metal feat. Dom Pachino & Bugsy Da god
Mike Zoot – Service (Mayhem Remix)
Rhinoceros Funk – Skills In Tons feat. L.I.F.E. long, White Owl & Akbar
Beneficence – Smooth Hardcore feat. A.G.
Dj J Hart – So Many Ways feat. HD Been Dope
Professor P & Dj Akilles – So Simple feat. Your Old Droog
Heem Stogied & FutureWave – Soviet Bastard feat. Dog Fahim
La Base & REsidentes – Spanish Connection (George Fields Remix)
Deep Breez – Strong Atoms feat. Vast Aire, Cryptic One & Life Long
Wildelux – Subterranean Raw feat. DJ Djaz
Vinnie Paz, Necro & immortal Technique – Take Hip HOp Back
Supastition – Thanks, Ghost
English Class Project – The Art Of This
Scorzayzee & Mecca:83 – The Boom Bap feat. Ill Concious
Ran Reed – The Crew feat. U.G.
Starvin B – The Flame Thrower
Guy GRams- The Imprint feat. Senica Da misfit
Bluestaeb – The Mision feat. Tekmnical Development
Leaf Dog – The Reminder feat. BVA & Kool Keith
Tony Patagonia – Third Eye Collision feat. Ruste Juxx & Dreamtek
MC Knowdeledge – Timez Iz Hard feat. Da Tagg & MD Gels
M-D-ot – True Lies feat. Camp Lo & Tribeca
Moderator – Undiscovered Dopeness feat. Revolutionary Rhythim
Gauge – Walk In New York
Dirty Dike – Waste Of Beer feat. DJ Sammy B
Guy Grams – Waves OF Self feat. Ill conscious
Noritsu, Figub Brazlevic, Teknical Developmen- We Are Hip Hop
Dj Low Cut .- whats Done Is Done feat. IDE & Jis One
Ern Dawgy – Whats Behind the Story
Reap – Who Knows
Dj Rhettmatic – With The Illest feat. Opio & Pep Love
Freak Tha Monsta -Y’All Dreamin

Ear Dr.Umz the MetroGnome – Hear To Heal (2016)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Seattle, Washington

1. Contact (HI) feat. DJ Able Fader & DJ KLTZ
2. Swing It feat. dr. Oop
3. Brown Paper Bags feat. Bishop I
4. Fishbulb feat. ORB
5. Fly By feat. Moka Only
6. Paid Vacation feat. La & Lykli
7. Celebrate My Greatness feat. Rogue Venom
8. Only It’s Us feat. Myka 9
9. Whole ‘nother Level feat. Dex Amora & Zuke Saga
10. Guaranteed To Lift
11. Field Magnetic feat. Young Potassium aka Mr. Magnesium aka Mozest Lateef
12. The Same Difference feat. Sach & Specs Wizard
13. Lethal When Spoken feat. El Da Sensei & Silas Blak
14. Higher Standard Practice feat. ALCAZAR (96)
15. Hear To Heal feat. Sage Nomad
16. BONUS – The Good Ear