Gran Rah – Musageta (2017)

Location: Chile Quality: 320Kbps

1 Intro
2 Por Honor
3 Lejos
4 Mi Barrio (feat. DJ Acres)
5 Vivir y Rimar
6 Flash (feat. Vanessa Valdez & DJ Liphe)
7 Me Llaman Karma (feat. Juaninacka & Eptos Uno)
8 Algún Día (feat. Negro Sambo)
9 El Viaje (feat. Myzty-K)
10 Carta Post Mortem
11 Perdiendo (feat. Nosecuenta)
12 Eres Mi Música (feat. Afaz Natural)
13 Callan (feat. Akapellah & Aerstame)
14 Vacío Lleno
15 No Supe Que Hacer (feat. Confusión Banda)
16 Hablando Solo
17 Cara B
18 Mi Razón (feat. Quique Neira)
19 Tabaco

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Herida Abierta – 365 Vol.2 (2015)

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

01. Intro feat. Dj Hosky
02. Molemen
03. He vuelto a hacerlo feat Dj Hosky
04. Me encanta feat Roke
05. Miradas de medusa feat RS and Dj Zeack
06. Nelson returns feat DJ Zeack
07. Control
08. Vietnam feat Kemy,Yojer & Dj Hosky
09. No sé que em passa feat Sr.Oca, Alar & Pol Omedes
10. Skit feat Dj Hosky
11. Focus
12. Sense Pressa
13. Forever in my memory feat Isaac Sin Dios
14. Platillo volante
15. Días de mierda feat N de Nervio, Oscar Dalton & Dj Zeack
16. No es un adiós feat TZ
17. Outro

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Optext – Brotherhood Of Eternal Death (2017)

Location: USA

1. Brotherhood Of Eternal Death Intro
2. Pretty (2032, Eskr One, MDV, Ajax)
3. Eighty Six (Eskr One, 2032, Coloasus MC)
4. Strays (2032, Eskr One, ILLtemper, Coloasus MC)
5. March Of Madness (ILLtemper, MDV, 2032, Eskr One, Donny G, Ajax)
6. Jack Palancing (Eskr One, ILLtemper, Phayze One, 2032, Donny G, MDV)
7. Stone Hammers (Ajax, Eskr One, Donny G, 2032, ILLtemper, Coloasus MC)
8. Crack Of Doom (MDV, 2032, Eskr One, Coloasus MC, Donny G)
9. Dog In A Manger (Eskr One, 2032, ILLtemper, Coloasus MC, MDV, Ajax)
10. Guns A Go Go (Donny G, Eskr One, 2032, Ajax)

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Pierce Artists – Kings Returning (2017)

Location: UK

1. Blue Neckerchief (Skit)
2. Year of the Ghost
3. The Palm Reader’s Lament
4. Vanguard Music feat. Tang The Pilgrim & Evo Lucian
5. Antidote
6. Tainted Evidence feat. Benny Diction & Pinny Piff
7. Paradise Lost
8. Kings Returning
9. Paid to Those Who Fell
10. Paper Chain Paradigm feat. Nemrot
11. Winter Solstice
12. Parc Citadella
13. Defence Mechanisms feat. Tang The Pilgrim
14. Fine Art
15. Leave It All feat. Earth One
16. That Night of Whisky

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