Meta P – Evolution of the White Wolf (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Loation: Rhode Island, USA

3.Kill Swag (feat. Celph Titled)
4.Animal (feat. Block McCloud & Fresh Jones)
6.On Top (feat. Jp Perez)
7.So Cold (feat. Medusah Black)
9.Wolves (feat. Swann Notty & Apathy)
10.Rhode Island Black (feat. Swann Notty, Kold Kash, Hammer Beanz, St1ckz Diamondeyez, Passionate MC, Flawless, Big G’s & Tony Alamo)
11.Bang Your Head (feat. Slaine & Swann Notty)
12.Righteous Path (feat. Mayhem & Reks)
13.Old to the New (feat. Freddie Black)
14.Happy Birthday Lindsay (feat. Block McCloud)
15.Kill Swag (Orator3 Remix) [feat. Celph Titled]
16.Evil (feat. Big G’s & Block McCloud)
17.New Day

DJ Low Cut – Dead End (Instrumental & Acapella) (2017)

Location: Paris (France)

1 Dante Inferno Intro
2 All alone (instrumental)
3 Lyrikal Landslide (instrumental)
4 What’s done is done (instrumental)
5 Déjà Vu (instrumental)
6 The Mecca Interlude
7 I’m Here (instrumental)
8 Desobedience (instrumental)
9 Call of the wild (instrumental)
10 She’s broke (instrumental)
11 Believers Interlude
12 Ambition of the shallows (instrumental)
13 Just listen (instrumental)
14 Longevity (instrumental)
15 Who be the realest (instrumental)
16 Making cuts (instrumental)
17 Hell’s storm (instrumental)
18 Maniac (instrumental)
19 Damned (instrumental)
20 Other shit (instrumental)
21 Projects (instrumental)
22 The payback (instrumental)
23 All alone feat Masta Ace & Torae (acapella)
24 Lyrikal Landslide Ruste Juxx & Nutso (acapella)
25 What’s done is done feat Ide & Jise One (acapella)
26 Déjà vu feat Rasheed Chappell & Soul the American Dream (acapella)
27 I’m here feat Dontique & CF (acapella)
28 Disobedience feat Clever One (acapella)
29 Call of the wild feat Team Thoro (Absouljah, Spicco & Halfa Brick) (acapella)
30 She’s broke feat Guilty Simpson (acapella)
31 Ambition of the shallows feat Napoleon da Legend & Paloma Pradal (acapella)
32 Just listen feat Wildelux (acapella)
33 Longevity feat GOD, J-Merk & Jamil Honesty(acapella)
34 Who be the realest feat King Magnetic (acapella)
35 Hell’s storm Q-Unique, Hex One & Milez Grimez (acapella)
36 Maniac  feat Xplicit Content (Unkn?wN, Fatha Death, Eternel & Acapalypze) (acapella)
37 Other shit Dirt Platoon & Wyld Bunch (acapella)
38 Projects feat Spit Gemz & Eff Yoo (acapella)
39 The payback feat EMS (M-DOT, REV & Mayhem) (acapella)

Eclyse – The Breakthrough (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps– Location: Jacksonville, Florida – USA

1. Shadow Realm (feat. Lost Beatz)
2. Check It (The Mic) (feat. Glad2Mecha)
3. Reachin Heights (feat. Glad2Mecha)
4. War Paint (feat. Daniel Son)
5. Rainy Days & Umbrellas (feat. Glad2Mecha)
6. Word Weaponry (feat. M.W.P.)
7. Fatal (feat. Paranom)
8. Microphone Funk (feat. Lost Beatz)
9. The Breakthrough (feat. Paranormal)
10. Alignment (feat. MZA)
11. Opened Doors (feat. Lost Beatz)
12. Pursuing Greatness (feat. Glad2Mecha)
13. Trouble in My Mind (feat. Glad2Mecha)
14. The Essence (feat. AisBeatz)
15. Aquatic Sunrise (feat. Glad2Mecha)
16. Pinnacle (feat. Lost Beatz)

June A.K.A. – The Great Red Spot (2017)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Paris (France)

1 Intro: The illusion door
2 Covet feat Nolan the Ninja
3 Monopoly feat Nolan the Ninja
4 Lu$t feat Nolan the Ninja
5 Final Flash feat Rockness Monstah, Nolan the Ninja, Vvs Verbal, Milez Grimez & Clever One
6 Skit: Shakra
7 Lu$t 84 feat Nolan the Ninja
8 Monopoly (end game) feat Nolan the Ninja
9 Covet (Zangetsu version) feat Nolan the Ninja
10 The overturn feat Rockness Monstah, Nolan the Ninja & Da Buze Bruvaz
11 Demolition Men feat Ruste Juxx, Rockness Monsta, Nolan the Ninja, Skanks the rap martyr & Mix Handz
12 Outro: Escape Route

The Architect Presents: Masterpiece Theater (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Big Rube Intro (feat. Big Rube & Scot Petri)
2.Organ Roll Rap (feat. Starang Wondah, Pacewon & Flawless the MC)
3.Sundoolah (feat. Born Sun)
4.Violence (feat. Rockness Monsta, Canibus, Pacewon & Flawless the MC)
5.King Chi (feat. Chino Xl)
6.War Hammerz (feat. Flawless the MC & Born Sun)
7.Ebonic Ebola (feat. Canibus, Killah Priest & Ras Kass)
8.Locked in (feat. Rockness Monsta, General Steele, Pacewon & Flawless the MC)
9.Speed Control (feat. Flawless the MC & Scot Petri)
10.Fantastic Four 2017 (feat. K Rino, Canibus, Chris Rivers & Flawless the MC)
11.Ecclesiastical (feat. Keith Murray, Canibus & Skarlit Rose)
12.Lyrical Rambos (feat. Pacewon & Flawless the MC)
13.The Poetic Purge (feat. Camp Lo, Tash & Doodlebug)
14.Big Rube Outro (feat. Big Rube & Damo)

Cassius the 5th – Diamond in the Dirt vol.2 – More Dirt than Diamond (2014)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

1 Day 2 day
2 Touch heat
3 Ammo feat Raw Spillage
4 Get some shhh
5 Intro to prisca
6 Dirt feat Jamille Malik
7 Loco feat Madame Cruz
8 Flip at the mouth feat Oracle
9 Stokley
10 La Di Da
11 Bodies feat KnowBodies
12 Pass on
13 Knewbreed feat Kidd Fr3$h and AMB
14 Gift Hunt

Oyoshe & Mark Deez – The wall of sound (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: Napoli-Georgia (Italy-USA)

1 Intro feat DJ KB
2 The wall of sound feat Mike Dorado Sr
3 Can’t take it anymore feat Ras Kass, Checkmait & Dane Kelly
4 Quotable funk feat Ras Kass, Doc Remedy, Caustic Logic & DJ Snifta
5 P.I.G.S. (Police Injustice Generates Slavery)
6 Bring the Carnage feat The Game & Fatha Death
7 Words of a martyr
8 Climbing the globe feat Maylay Sparks, Young B & Fatha Death
9 Politrix feat Grindhouse Gang, Rakaa & DJ Uncino
10 Reminiscin feat Oyoshe
11 Pair A’ Dice em feat Marvone
12 DeCypher feat Fes Taylor, Fatha Death, Powder Jones & Gutta Damus
13 Act a fool feat Bigg Limn & Antonio Chance
14 The altar of darkness feat Kanis Lu
15 Dead zone
16 Keep it true
17 If you love the culture feat Fatha Death (Oyoshe remix)
18 Ravage ya crew