Sunblaze & Quique Cruz – 5 Boroughs, 1 Heartbeat (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. New York Values (intro)
2. Culture Vultures feat. Quique Cruz
3. Funky Fly Shit
4. Vakeros Encabronados feat. Nikodekons & Quique Cruz
5. Headnod Music
6. Setup feat. Quique Cruz
7. RAW feat. Reppond
8. War Cry feat. Buxaburn
9. Adobo (Earth Bound Mix)
10. Grhyme Session
11. Oath of A Terrorist

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Blak Forest – You Are Now Entering The​.​.​. (20th anniversary edition) (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: L.A, USA

1. You Are Now Entering
2. The Fourth Quarter
3. Never Before
4. Mental Staus
5. Hoes To Doe
6. Battlecry
7. Throw’em In The Sun
8. Game Of Def
9. Don’t Drink The Water (alt. Version)
10. Fly Lines (alt. Version)
11. Mainframe
12. Just Wanna Be A Star
13. Approach With Discretion (Dj Rhettmatic Bf20 Remix)
14. Forest Green (C.O.P. ’97 Remix)
15. Church Girl
16. Get Da Paper
17. Dedicated MC’s
18. Predictable Contradictions
19. Street Legal (Treehouse Pt. II)
20. Superfest

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HalfaBrick – The Street Analyst (2009)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1.Intro (The Analyst Freestyle)
3.I Seen That (Ft. Bambino)
4.Understand Me
5.Morse Code
6.Real Shit
7.Realishymn (Ft. Spicco & Absouljah)
8.The Street Analysts (Ft. Bambino)
10.Foul Thoughts
11.Schemes & Scams (Ft. Dese, Q-Furb & I.D.)
12.Street Essence
13.Mad Terror
14.One Life To Live
15.Positive & Negative
16.Dome Diesel
17.Nightfall (Ft. Tragic Allies & Bambino)
18.Me And My Pen
19.Outro (Revolution Freestyle)

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L.I.F.E.Long & Bunty Beats – Bat Out the Cave (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01. Intro
02. Bat in Flight feat. Emma Lee
03. Skit
04. N.Y.C.
05. Monster Mash feat. Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) & Poison Pen
06. Innergroove
07. Higher Limit
08. Listening Pleasure feat. Lower & Theosyn
09. Skit 2
10. Climbing Up feat. King RA & Paro
11. Outta Tha Frame
12. Skit 3
13. Rotten Apple (N.Y.C. Remix) feat. C-Rayz Walz
14. Foulness feat. Res One (Split Prophets/Dutch Mob) Physiks (Being MCs) King RA, Elohemstar & Theosyn (Cocoon Movements) Mista Fire (Dutch Mob) Hastyles Rhymes.
15. Brownstone in Buntyville feat. Elohemstar (as the Landlord)
16. Urban Soldiers feat. Elohemstar
17. Deep Creek (Thoughts) Elohemstar

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Cliff Clavin x Elz Sinatra – The Antithesis (2017)

Location: USA

1.I’m Seein’ You – Prod. Playwright Performer
2.Get Wreck – ft. Rated R , Ixion Form & DJ Tmb Prod. Dseize
3.Be Prepared – ft. DJ Tmb Prod. Cliff Clavin
4.Antithesis – ft. Rated R Prod. Rez
5.Rerun (rmx) – Prod. Cliff Clavin
6.Crusher – ft. Julius Sleazer , Mc Therapist , Collasus & DJ Tmb
7.Ol’ New Shit – ft. DJ Tmb Prod.Playwright Performer
8.Flip My Lid – ft. Edd Bundy & DJ Tmb Prod. Cliff Clavin
9.Time – ft. Hi-Q Prod by Playwright Performer
10.Diamond in the Rough – ft. Illit Prod. Cliff Clavin
11.Get Busy Time – Prod. PerC Wells
12.The Essence – Prod. Nemesis
13.Devil – ft. DJ Tmb Prod. L.o.b

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D-Rev & B​.​B​.​Z. Darney – Dirty Capital (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

Props to Kasta

1. Killuminination
2. Lost in a Chase (feat. Umang)
3. Just Me
4. Pop a Pill
5. The T.V. Programs You…
6. Government. Issue: Joe (feat. Hex One)
7. Change the Rhyme
8. Flower of Life
9. These Pages (feat. Chris Rivers, Kid Fade & Halfcut)
10. Crashing the White Party (feat. Tek Nition)
11. Success Blueprints (feat. Resolute)
12. Police State (feat. Streetz)
13. Industrial Purge
14. Beyond the Moonlight
15. North Face Raps (Bonus Track)
16. Dirty Capital Is Finished (Bonus Track)

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