The Mouse Outfit – Jagged Tooth Crook (2018)

Quality: FLAC / 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

01. Pass Me The Ashtray (Feat. IAMDDB)
02. Cut Em Loose (Feat. Berry Blacc, KinKai & Layfullstop)
03. Repeat (Feat. Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade)
04. Feeling High (Feat. IAMDDB & KinKai)
05. Money (Feat. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & T-Man)
06. I Wonder (Feat. IAMDDB & Fox)
07. Won’t Lie Down (Feat. Berry Blacc & Dubbul O)
08. Bring Me Down (Feat. Ellis Meade)
09. Mama (Feat. Berry Blacc & T-Man)
10. Jagged Tooth Crook (Feat. KinKai)
11. Trigger The Wave (Feat. Ellis Meade & Dubbul O)
12. My Mission (Feat. IAMDDB & KinKai)
13. Beats All Day (Feat. Ellis Meade)
14. Flex With Ya (Feat. KinKai)
15. It’s Just Like That (Feat. Black Josh & TrueMendous)
16. Revolution (Feat. Dr. Syntax & Ellis Meade)
17. Late Night Doors (Feat. Berry Blacc, Dubbul O & Ellis Meade)


320 Kbps

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The Incredible Disappearing Man – The Incredible Disappearing Man (2018)

Location: UK

Props to 1214

A1. Sintro
A2. Sick of running
A3. We just stood there
A4. Eye refuse
A5. Blapp #throwie
A6. Listen yeah… (skit)
A7. Black baton
A8. Pipe down
B1. Ransom note
B2. Sunshine #throwie
B3. Breath
B4. Perfect picture
B5. Freeeee #throwie
B6. The highs
B7. Afterlife

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