Sir Smurf Lil’ – A New Bloodline (2008)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

2.A New Bloodline
3.Mosh Music (feat. The Colony)
4.Nature Bites
7.Graveyard Shift8
8.Back At You
9.Words Are Weapons
11.Hard Running
12.El-Oh-En (feat. Jehst)
13.The Come Up
14.Boards of Luigi (feat. Kashmere & Dubbledge)
15.That Sound (feat. Big Cakes & T Bear)
16.The Lords Chorus

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Dope Fiends – Fiendishly Dope (2017)

Location: Bristol (UK)

1.Fiendishly Dope Intro (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
2.Give Away Your (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
3.Thunder Bird (Produced by Blends.One)
4.Hustle (Produced by Hutchbeats)
5.Cold (Produced by Blends.One)
6.Dreaming Of Cali Orange (Produced by El Jimbo & Stiggy)
7.They Won’t Go (Produced by Hutchbeats)
8.La Leyenda (Produced by El Jimbo)
9.Take (Produced by Blends.One)
10.Los Smokos (Produced by El Jimbo & RJ)
11.Searching (Produced by Blends.One)
12.Far Away (Produced by El Jimbo)
13.Get Some (Produced by Hutchbeats)
14.Debby (Produced by Blends.One)
15.The Royal (Produced by El Jimbo & Chemist J1)
16.Without Motive (Produced by El JImbo & Mpsta)
17.Thoughts For Your Mind (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
18.Mystery (Produced by Hutchbeats)
19.Jardin (Produced by El Jimbo & Mpsta)
20.Pele De Um (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
21.M Davis Indian Kush (Produced by El Jimbo & Nickybeats)
22.Real World (Produced by Hutchbeats)
23.Like It Is (Produced by Blends.One)
24.Won On Won (Produced by Blends.One)
25.Fiendishly Dope Outro (Produced by El Jimbo)

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