Classic der Dicke – Grüne Eminenz (2017)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Kreuzlingen, Suize

1. Intro
2. Heckenschütze
3. Mit der Glock bis zum Kopf
4. Kerngeschwindigkeit ft. Reinhard K.
5. Crack Pipe ft. WARPATH
6. Grüne Eminenz
7. Interstrumental
8. Mittelpunkt
9. Momentaufnahme ft. dude&phaeb
10. Mundhygiene
11. Symmetrie
12. Herb
13. Alle wissen es ft. GALV
14. High Life
15. Wozu ft. Reinhard K.

DJ Rhum’1 – Musical Surgery (2017)

Location: France

1 Preparing for surgery
2 Musical surgery feat 2032, Sadida, Fubar & Crown (of Grim Reaperz)
3 The resurrection feat Slant & INF
4 Styles upon styles feat Samuel Tafari, Seiza & DJ Abb Funk
5 Book of the dead (remix) feat Rated R, JAI Pera, MC Therapist & DJ Trickalome
6 Personal Demons feat Fubar, Dane Kelly (of FKA Dangerous), Sadida & DJ Joon
7 Guilty Conscious feat Ixion Form, Swann Flu & DJ Trickalome
8 The shocker feat Fubar, Sunblaze, Sub-Con5cience & Alpha Sigma
9 Green Escape feat Nianima (Interlude)
10 War Torn feat Xplicit Content (Wyze Minds, Fatha Death & Eternel)
11 The Ghost & the Darkness feat Dr Creep & Sub-Con5cience
12 Time Never Stops feat Majesty, Supreme Sniper & DJ Chrisu
13 Rhadikal feat Tony Patagonia, Clever One (of 7 Oddities) & DJ Chrisu
14 Paid Dudes feat Poet on Drugs & DJ Coach One
15 New Order feat ESKR-One, Samuel Tafari, Seiza, Uncle Franck & DJ Madhandz
16 Melodramatics feat Vivics, Shushi & DJ Sop
17 Throats Cut (Posse Cut) feat Kartune, Mickey Boston, M-Acculate, Genezis, Lord Allah, LEO, Hell Yeeeah, Brixx the Barburyin & DJ Joon
18 End of the surgery…The Moment of death

Soulution – Still Shining (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: Netherlands

1. Still Shining (feat. Bahamadia, Mr. J Medeiros & Supastition)
2. Lanes (feat. Median, Braille & Sivion)
3. Electric Lights
4. Shining Through (feat. Supastition)
5. The Source (feat. Butta P)
6. Still Love Life (feat. El Gambina)
7. Natural Lights
8. Still Shining
9. Lanes
10. Shining Through
11. Still Love Life
12. The Source

Drunk-N-Disorderly – Drunk-N-Disorderly (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA / Spain

01. Intro
02. The Program (Feat. DJ TMB)
03. Put It Down
04. Murder Spree
05. Drunk-N-Disorderly
06. Pour Me Another
07. Hidden Messages
08. Eye Of The Storm (Feat. Asylum Lifetime)
09. Interlude
10. Hair Of The Dog
11. Soul Purpose
12. Slurred Speech (Feat. DJ CAN)
13. One More Drink
14. Functioning Alcoholics
15. Scars That Bleed

Elbonobo – Bebiendo inspiración (2017)

Quality: 192 Kbps  –  Location: Spain

1.Invierno 16
2.Bebiendo inspiración
3.Tanto por contar (feat. Bugsy Da God)
4.Creo (feat. Dj Can)
5.Otro idioma (feat. Dash Shamash)
6.Mero placer (feat. Bls a.k.a. Rigor Mortis)
7.Guerra silenciosa (feat. I.N.F. & Dash Shamash)
8.Sand Storm
9.Media noche en Bangkok
10.De sol a sol
11.Fuerza y fe (feat. Buhay Cali & Dash Shamash)
12.Gold School (feat. Dj Can)
13.Voices Everywhere

Berry & VPM – Stap In Album (2013)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Netherlands

1.Nieuwe Dag (Intro)
2.Stap In
3.De Deal
4.El Besidente Skit
5.El Besidente
6.Vrij (Free) (Feat. Lord Lhus)
7.Et Is Oké (Scratches Door TreBeats)
8.Vraag Me Niks (Feat. Persoonlijk)
9.Komt Wel Goed
10.De Wereld Lacht Naar Me (Feat. Joshua Khane)
11.Eindbaas Part. 2 (Feat. Bren Emsee)
13.Alles of Niets (Feat. Anne van Leeuwen)(Prod. Architektbeats)(Bonus)

Mister Personal – Skinwalkers 2 – The Collabs (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Netherlands

1.Back to Basics ft. Dotz (Prod. by Tommy Vamoz)
2.Eagles Nest ft. Anonymouz & Djeekee (Prod. by Robin Da Landlord)
3.Slipping Away ft. Jace Abstract, Big Huey, Branko, Inztrow (Prod. by Tommy Vamoz)
4.Ol’skool ft. Metalz (Prod. by Inztrow Beats)
5.Wizardry ft. Hans Nötig & Spinz (Robin Da Landlord)
6.Set It On Fire ft. Influenza Big Huey (Prod. by Inztrow Beats)
7.420 ft. Big Huey (Prod. by Apwan)