Boom Bap Fam – Polar Patterns (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

Props to Bruce

1.Intro (Coma)
2.Blow You Out Your Hat
3.Forget You (Feat. Rebecca Rosher)
4.Big Smoke
5.Hazard To Your Health
7.Sacred Ground (Feat. Xrsize)
8.Stand Alone (Feat. Rebecca Rosher)
9.Carried By Six (Feat. Cyrus Malachi)
10.Can’t Go Nowhere
11.Protocol (Feat. Shan One)
12.One In A Million (Feat. Rebecca Rosher)
13.Red Alert (Feat. Adrian Incarnate)
15.Blow You Out Your Hat (Remix)

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Dyad Souls – The Last Writes (2016)

Location: Sidney, Australia

1 A message from the president (intro) ft Jason Marks
2 Return to the grave
3 Good mourning
4 Knife 2 meet you
5 Oh but of corpse
6 Psycho-Therapy ft Mina Fedora
7 The never ending gory
8 Evil People
9 Looney Tunes
10 The garden of heathens ft Mr Hyde
11 ABC’s of death ft Rees
12 Audio stab wounds
13 Abra cadaver
14 Still a fiend ft Mina Fedora
15 Nevermind the morbid
16 Obituary blues
17 Bodying the beat
18 Tony Goblins
19 Axis of evil ft RTBG & QC
20 Horrendous dismemberment ft TMB
21 The last writes

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Deece – A Cornered Season (Instrumentals) (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: Aussie

1. Intro
2. Diamant
3. Fais Tourner Ta Matiere Grise
4. Pyramide
5. Mal De Vivre
6. Le Sale Boulot
7. Le Chant Des Partisans
8. Interlude
9. Prison Spirituelle
10. Only for You
11. Confession D’un Futur Depressif
12. D Double E C E
2. We’re Over It
3. Originals
4. Sleeping Giants
5. Back Up
6. What Cha Ready For?
7. Hell’s Frozen Winter
8. Sad Saga
9. Ain’t It
10. Just Let Me
11. Who Want What?
12. Planet of the Apes
13. Mend a Saga
14. What I’ve Seen
15. Drawing Board
16. A Cornered Season

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Must Volkoff – Aquanaut (2017)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Melbourne, (Australia)

1 Aquanaut
2 Dr Seuss feat Blu
3 Bad Habits feat Micall Parksun & Confucius MC
4 The holy ghost feat Nelson Dialect
5 Fuck the arcade feat Jehst & Mata
6 Chemical haze feat Adam Koots, Joe Snow & One Sixth
7 The source feat Ramson Badbonez
8 Raining in the hood feat Mongo
9 Underwater Landslice
10 Nothing feat Joe Snow
11 About that time feat Maundz
12 Walking dead feat Soma
13 No days off feat Dyl Thomas
14 Foul creature feat Adam Koots
15 Earth Jewelz feat Aslan
16 King of the Slouch feat MNSR Frites
17 Five minutes
18 Psychedelic purple feat Sonnyjim
19 Reset button feat Kosyne
20 M.F.T.C. Shit feat Remus & Chester P
21 Write the future feat Adam Koots
22 Revolutions feat Joke Starr, Aniway & Ophqi
23 Every block feat Gutz & Maggot Mouf

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Jake Biz – Commercial Hell (2012)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: Brisbane – Aussie

1. Introductions Aside
2. Commercial Hell
3. Anti B-Boy
4. Fuck a Guest Spot (F.A.G.S)
5. Gloves Off! (feat. Overproof Pete)
6. Bitch, Don’t Touch My Records! (Skit)
7. Deuce Deuce
8. The Relentless (feat. Kings Konekted)
9. MC Who?
10. Flavour of the Month (feat. Lazy Grey)
11. Mercy Killings (feat. Fluent Form, Ken Oath, Tornts & Bigfoot)
12. Bitch, Don’t Touch My Records, Pt. 2 (Skit)
13. You Don’t Know Shit!
14. Gin & Tektonic
15. Bitch, Don’t Touch My Records, Pt. 3 (Skit)
16. Brisbane Bullshit
17. DJ Lopsided in Deep Masturbation
18. Frontline Approach (feat. 750 Rebels)
19. Shoutro

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