The Brand New Heavies – Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1 (1992)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: London – England

1. Bonafied Funk (feat. Main Source)
2. It’S Getting Hectic (feat. Gangstarr)
3. Who Makes The Loot? (feat. Grand Puba Maxwell)
4. Wake Me When I’m Dead (feat. Master Ace)
5. Jump N’ Move (feat. Jamalski)
6. Death Threat (feat. Kool G. Rap)
7. State Of Yo (feat. Black Sheep)
8. Do Whatta I Gotta Do (feat. Ed O.G.)
9. Whatgabouthat (feat. Tiger)
10. Soul Flower (feat. The Pharcyde)

Rich Mahogany – Bromosapien (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Los Angeles, California

1.Intro (feat. Ragin Reggie)
2.Rich Flair (Lit) [Prod. Trilian]
3.Beef (Prod. Trilian)
4.P.S.A. (feat. Ragin Reggie)
5.Fuck With Me (feat. Duffel Bag Duffie) [Prod. Trilian]
6.redRuM (feat. Tha Night Hawks) [Prod. On-Q]
7.Sole Ballad (Interlude) [feat. Ragin Reggie]
8.Ice On Ice (Prod. Vinny Knuckles)
9.No Sympathy (feat. Rated R & Pryme Prolifik) [Prod. Trilian]
10.Dedication (Prod. Rich Mahogany)

The Jazz Jousters – Locations France (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: London, UK

1.SmokedBeat – French Kiss
2.Stay Classy – Balançoire
3.Pawcut – Search Warrant
4.Vinkate – L’écran Noir
5.Mr. Moods – French Toast
6.Slone – Une Action D’éclat ft. DJ Ducky Touch
7.Gadget – Midnight In Paris
8.Bones The Beat Head – Cévennes
9.Stay Classy – La Chute
10.SmokedBeat – NougaWork

Devaloop & Zaïd – Hier & Jetzt​!​? (2016)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Salzburg, Austria

1. Hier & Jetzt!? (Intro)
2. Timeout
3. Halb So Schlimm
4. 2mal4
5. Timeout (Remix)
6. Halb So Schlimm (Remix)
7. 2mal4 (Remix)
8. Timeout (Instrumental)
9. Halb So Schlimm (Instrumental)
10. 2mal4 (Instrumental)
11. Timeout (Remix Instrumental)
12. Halb So Schlimm (Remix Instrumental)
13. 2mal4 (Remix Instrumental)

Meta P – Evolution of the White Wolf (2014)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Loation: Rhode Island, USA

3.Kill Swag (feat. Celph Titled)
4.Animal (feat. Block McCloud & Fresh Jones)
6.On Top (feat. Jp Perez)
7.So Cold (feat. Medusah Black)
9.Wolves (feat. Swann Notty & Apathy)
10.Rhode Island Black (feat. Swann Notty, Kold Kash, Hammer Beanz, St1ckz Diamondeyez, Passionate MC, Flawless, Big G’s & Tony Alamo)
11.Bang Your Head (feat. Slaine & Swann Notty)
12.Righteous Path (feat. Mayhem & Reks)
13.Old to the New (feat. Freddie Black)
14.Happy Birthday Lindsay (feat. Block McCloud)
15.Kill Swag (Orator3 Remix) [feat. Celph Titled]
16.Evil (feat. Big G’s & Block McCloud)
17.New Day

Eclyse – The Breakthrough (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps– Location: Jacksonville, Florida – USA

1. Shadow Realm (feat. Lost Beatz)
2. Check It (The Mic) (feat. Glad2Mecha)
3. Reachin Heights (feat. Glad2Mecha)
4. War Paint (feat. Daniel Son)
5. Rainy Days & Umbrellas (feat. Glad2Mecha)
6. Word Weaponry (feat. M.W.P.)
7. Fatal (feat. Paranom)
8. Microphone Funk (feat. Lost Beatz)
9. The Breakthrough (feat. Paranormal)
10. Alignment (feat. MZA)
11. Opened Doors (feat. Lost Beatz)
12. Pursuing Greatness (feat. Glad2Mecha)
13. Trouble in My Mind (feat. Glad2Mecha)
14. The Essence (feat. AisBeatz)
15. Aquatic Sunrise (feat. Glad2Mecha)
16. Pinnacle (feat. Lost Beatz)

Anton Serra – Sales gones (2012)

Quality: 320 Kbps– Location: Lyon – France

1. Sales Gones
2. Parc D’attraction
3. J’voulais feat. Enapoinka
4. J’reste Entier
5. Cheptel feat. Dico
6. Folie Féline
7. Sous Curatelle
8. Marie – Saoul La Manche
9. Quelque Chose M’a Echappé
10. Pélociraptor
11. Ca Va Etre Dur feat. Ilenazz
12. Le Rap Est Mort feat. Lucio Bukowski
13. Stan Smooth feat. Cidji, Kalam’s & Lucio Bukowski
14. Inséparable(S)

La Base & Residentes – Spanish Connection (2017)

The Residentes hailing from Tenerife Spain teamed up with Switzerland’s finest La Base to put out an EP filled with 3 extra rugged Songs produced by the Tru Comers and MPadrums. On top of that the legendary UK Producer George Fields didn’t hesitate to provide a remix to one of these Songs to complete this EP. What more can be said, you better cop this one before it’s gone!