Elementalz – Incinerated Melodies (2017)

Location:Switzerland Quality: 320 Kbps

Props to Dezflight

1. Intro
2. Hard Living (feat. Juxx Diamondz)
3. Trilogy (feat. Tragedy Khadafi, DJ Modesty, Easily Crippled & Nutso)
4. Changing (feat. DJ Boogieman & Planetary)
5. My Life (feat. Lord Lhus)
6. That’s Bhs (feat. Simz & Bambino)
7. Signs (feat. GOD Pt. III, Blaq Poet & SM)
8. This Night (feat. Mic Handz)
9. True Stories (feat. Trife Diesel, Solomon Childs, Nutso & Napoleon Da Legend)
10. Chosen (feat. Cy Matics, Phrase, DJ Reflekshin & Joe College)
11. Journey Of Life (feat. Lord Lhus & Unknown Mizery)
12. Krs Said (feat. Napoleon Da Legend)
13. Where (feat. DJ Modesty, Solomon Childs, Dom Pachino & Ruste Juxx)
14. Skit
15. Hard Times (feat. Willie Stubz & Reepah)
16. Faithful Man (feat. UGR, Jace Abstract & Reks)
17. Swordswingers (feat. DJ Boogieman, UG & Ruste Juxx)
18. All The Haze In The World (feat. J-Bux)
19. Mirrors (feat. UG, Prodigal Sunn, Main Flow & DJ OneEar)
20. Together (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)
21. No Easy Way (feat. Dom Pachino & SM)
22. Real Shit (feat. Maylay Sparks)
23. Shadow Company (feat. Ill Methods)
24. Tonights He Grin (feat. Judah Priest, Montana Blak & Napoleon Da Legend)
25. Outro

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Masked Avengers & Maylay Sparks – So Wonderful EP (2005)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Small Time Thing
3. Through These Veins
4. Early Morning (Skit)
5. Soopa Freak
6. Love Supreme
7. Too Much Remix
8. True Classic Remix
9. Outro
10. Small Time Thing
11. Through These Veins
12. Soopa Freak
13. Love Supreme
14. Too Much Remix
15. True Classic Remix

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Sick Rat – Sick Rat & Friends Vol. 2 (2017)

Location: Italy

1 J Mega the God – Metal Armz (remix)
2 Demigodz ft Panchi (DGZxNYGz) (remix)
3 Routiger Slob – Thread the lead (remix)
4 Cedric Till ft Chel Strong – On my own
5 Apathy – New England Royalty (part II) (remix)
6 Third Eye Merchants – Who can ya trust? (remix)
7 The Etherealist – Illest in the game
8 Cedric Till – Truth be told
9 History of violence ft Oldboy & Rodney Rush – Tiger style (remix)
10 Sub-con5cience – Tombstone Jeopardy
11 Overkill Army – A casa mia
12 Sick Rat ft Cedric Till Role Models
13 Sick Rat – Dissapor e Dissapunt (Beat Nameless)

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N-Wise Allah – Casino Chips (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Spain

Props to Ruben

01.Apostle’s warning (con Fede El y Dj Swet) [Producido por Manu Beats]
02.Game ova [Producido por Manu Beats]
03.Henny [Producido por Manu Beats]
04.Sandokan [Producido por Manu Beats]
05.Sleep [Producido por Manu Beats]
06.Jibarito [Producido por Manu Beats]
07.El diario [Producido por Manu Beats]
08.Scorsese Skit [Producido por Manu Beats]
09.Motion picture [Producido por Dark-Mellow Man]
10.Spiritual [Producido por Edac Selectah]
11.My dreams [Producido por Manu Beats]
12.Butta/Mantequilla [Producido por Manu Beats]
13.No volverás (con Ly) [Producido por Manu Beats]
14.Godbody [Producido por Manu Beats]
15.#Free EP Skit
16.Dame tu bemba [Producido por Manu Beats y Big Menu]
17.Stranger boy [Producido por Manu Beats]
18.Thugs exoticos [Producido por M.Padrum’s]
19.Kelowa [Producido por M.Padrum’s]
20.Nos fuimos (Outro) (con Lianna) [Producido por Manu Beats]

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Lone Catalysts – Culture (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA – France

01. The Sidelines (Feat. Mr. Complex)
02. The DJ
03. Graffiti (Feat. Bukue One & Strawberry Kap)
04. Different Cities
05. The B-Boy (Feat. Tony Touch)
06. Rhymes (Feat. Greg Nice)
07. Me vs You
08. Its A Demo (Feat. Artifacts)
09. The MC (Feat. Strawberry Kap)
10. Smiles (Feat. Blak Smif & Strawberry Kap)

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Devaloop – From The Bits To The Cosmos (2017)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Salzburg, Austria

1. Blast (Intro)
2. Nino Senja (feat. Ryler Smith & Dj Educut)
3. Ya No (feat. Emblema)
4. Adipösi Exkrement (feat. Kids Of The Stoned Age & Dj Ham-E)
5. Str8 From Allah (feat. Izreal)
6. No Reason To Bluff (feat. Teknical Development)
7. Shinobi Style 2 (feat. Malev Da Shinobi)
8. No Sides (feat. Pete Flux & Debonair P)
9. From The Bits To The Cosmos (feat. Hexone & Dj Foxx)
10. Samsara (feat. Silentists)
11. Nightshift (feat. Warpath)
12. Water & Earth (feat. Samura Loré)
13. (Bonus) Enygma (feat. McGyver & Dj Foxx)
14. (Bonus) Suffer No Fools (feat. Ella Mae)

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