Various Artists – POSTPARTUM Vol. 3 (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: Germany

1. Knowz – Funkbap
2. Esp Elizarov – Creed
3. Kuartz – We Go Innn
4. HYDE Beats – White
5. KOE The Flavekid – Down The Tracks
6. Stainlexz – Lotus
7. S De Sossa – Coffee Mood
8. Funkonami – Street Hop
9. Tha Shepardz – Supertrump
10. Snares – Decent
11. Sloop Tha Loop – Tired
12. Ufa Palava – To Shy (Saturation Sound 2017)
13. LBL – Happy Or Wrong
14. Brous Uno – Otra Cinta
15. Esi.D – Timefortimeyearsage
16. MadLab – USF
17. Diggin‘ Flava – Medellin Finest
18. Johannes OneTake – Listen Up
19. KD – Tortur
20. Ordinary Roots – Keep It Right
21. rak. – All I Need
22. quietpoet – Complex
23. SterilOne – Casablanca Rains
24. kuromoji – Snails

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Classic Der Dicke – Grüne Eminenz (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

3.Mit der Glock bis zum Kopf
4.Kerngeschwindigkeit ft. Reinhard K.
5.Crack Pipe ft. WARPATH
6.Grüne Eminenz
9.Momentaufnahme ft. dude&phaeb
13.Alle wissen es ft. GALV
14.High Life
15.Wozu ft. Reinhard K.

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Beppo S. & Peter B. – Plusminusnull (2018)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Germany

3.classic ft. Chezz.One
7.future ft. WARPATH
9.hungry ft. AzudemSK
12.imgood ft. Upfront
14.dieerweiterungdeskreises ft. Phaeb

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Majesty – The Mixtape Massacre Vol. 2 [Tracks of Terror [2012​-​2018] Hosted by DJ TMB (2018)

Location: USA

Baptism of Fire ft. Mark Deez (Prod. by Majesty)[2013/2017]
Triple Threat Reference [2013]
Jalousie Reference (Prod. by The Premonist)[2013]
The Drop ft. Louie Sad [2012]
The Leviathan ft. Venom of Bloodline/HGP (RIP), & Skull Damage (Prod. by Ed Gein The Beat Machine)[2013]
Countess (Fallen Angels Reference) (Prod. by Sicknature)[2013]
Play Hard (Prod. by Phonol’it)[2015]
The Alphabet Killer (Definition of A Rap Flow Contest) (Prod. by C-Lance)[2014]
Ghost Protocol ft. Elz Sinatra, ILLit, & Genezis MC (Prod. by Saer of KSD)[2016]
The Conquerer Reference (Prod. by Ed Gein The Beat Machine)[2013]
Shadowboxin’ Freestyle (Prod. by The RZA)[2017]
Trilian Verse (Beat The Beat Contest) (Prod. by Trilian)[2014]
Want What Now?! (Prod. by Brutal Caesar aka Abstract)[2013]
Pop Ya Melon (Magic Stick Freestyle) (Prod. by Carlos “Fantom of The Beat” Evans)[2018]
Pushing Through (The Limits) ft. Vytal One; Cuts by DJ Madhandz (Prod. by Saer of KSD)[2015/2018]
Verbal Vendetta (Fallen Angel Reference) (Prod. by Al’Tarba)[2013]
March of The Creeps – Fallen Angels (Venom & Majesty) (Prod. by Seb The Undead)[2013]
Summer Dreamin’ ft. T-Zank (Prod. by Demon Beats)[2012]
Sub Zero – F.O.T. Infantry (Ras Kalipssus, Majesty, BeeOne (RIP), 72thesign, Rogue Morose, & Gutmistrz Drahuda (Prod. by Tha Vilest)[2013]
When The Clock Strikes (Prod. by Majesty)[2013]
In The Hour of Darkness (Prod. by Guerrero de La Luz)[2017]
Figures of Authority (Reference Verse) [2013]
Python Reference [2015]
When Gods Collide (Fallen Angels Reference) (Prod. by Majesty)[2013]
Creep Low (Let It Be Your Burial) (Prod. by Majesty)[2017]
Still No Heroes (No Heroes Remix) (Prod. by Trilian)[2015]
Misfit Ballistics (Prod. by Majesty)[2012]

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Da Great Deity Dah – To Take Hip-Hop Back: Da Global Alliance (2018)

Quality: FLAC & 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Live From Beijing (Feat. Nasty Ray)
2. Tributary To The Majesty (Cosmoh Mix) (Feat. Unbomber)
3. Afro 2 Asia (Feat. Unbomber & Hakim)
4. Dah-Namite Seoul (Feat. Dawoud Shahidu)
5. Open Mic (Symphony 2018) (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720 & First Borne The Unfair)
6. B-Boyism (Cosmoh Mix) (Feat. Unbomber & DJ Odilon)
7. Lyrical Renegade
8. Taking Hip-Hop Back
9. Still My Lord (What’s Happening, Pt. 2)
10. Bad Hombre’ (Feat. Lskriba & Boris Berreto)
11. Narcotics (Cocaine Cowboys Remix) (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
12. Ready To Kill (Legendary Remix)
13. Redrum (Xnoe Mix)
14. Refuse God (Feat. Sti6’s Williams)
15. Indecent Proposal (Slimkat 78 Remix) (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
16. Penetrate The Soul (Moods & Vibrations Remix)
17. Afro 2 Asia (DJ Nasty Mix) (Feat. Unbomber)
18. Bogota’ Freestyle (Feat. Celtik & DJ Muf)
19. Double Trouble (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
20. Indecent Proposal (Feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)


320 KBPS

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El J & Mpsta – Blood Brothers (2018)

Location: Bristol (UK)

1.Awake (Prod. 7th Sense)
2.Grow Slow (Prod. Estêvão 6C)
3.I Know (Prod. Hutchbeats)
4.End Of An Era (Prod. Knowhowe)
5.Predetermined (Prod. beAble)
6.Live And Learn (Prod. PVR)
7.Midnight On The Mind (Prod. Och.shnsk)
8.Don’t Worry (Prod. Hutchbeats)
9.Expressions (Prod. Knowhowe)
10.Confused (Prod. Peaking)

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