Aslan presents: The French Legion (2013) (Re-Upload)

Quality: 320 Location: UK 
01. La Rebellion pt1 (ft. Masta Pi, Cenzino, Papifredo, Da Pro, Aslan, Saladin, Piloophaz, Argo, Melox, Killah Rector, Lady Yaco & Stamina Li)
02. Emeutes (ft. Wira, Aslan, DJ Twisted)
03. Ominus Skyz (ft. Aslan & Piloophaz)
04. DJ Negatif Interlude
05. La Rebellion pt.2 (ft. Saladin, Piloophaz, Aslan, Killah Rector, Papifredo & Marachel)
06. Liberte Justice Equality (ft. Sabotawj, Cenzino, Argo, Absouljah, Kiu Dizzy, Aslan & Piloophaz)
07. Pas Facile (ft. Papifredo, Aslan & DJ Jedi)
08. La Rebellion pt.3 (ft. Mans, Romstick, Omen Ra, Aslan, Cenzino, Papifredo, Casa Del Phonky & DJ B.kill)
09. Prison Without Walls (ft. Aslan, Cenzino & DJ Negatif)
10. Vie Du Garre (ft. Masta Pi, Aslan & Kinetiks)
11. DJ B.Kill Interlude
12. Liberte D’Expression (ft. Aslan, Melox & Lady Yaco)
13. Espirit Du Loup (ft. Cenzino, Papifredo & Aslan)
14. Dungeon Funk Remix (ft. Aslan, Swift Guad, Cenzino, Omen Ra & DJ Negatif)
15. Outro

Spilt Prophets present- The Samadee Remixes (2017)

Location: Bristol, UK

01. Live for this- Res ft Dee Green
02. Rain-Res, Paro & Upfront
03. The Menu-Res, Datkid & Upfront ft Mystro
04. Piss in the Punch-Res, Datkid, Paro & Flying Monk
05. Weedmasons Anthem-ft Jman & Prime
06. Bristol Bullshit-Res
07. Hurry Sundown-Upfront ft Life Mc & Hozay
08. Who wants it-Upfront ft Jman
09. People Say-Upfront & Res ft Chickaya
10. Prophets Get Personal
11. Natures Way-Life Mc ft Fliptrix & Upfront
12. Underground Structure-Res ft Leafdog & BVA
13. Live For This Instrumental
14. Rain Instrumental
15. The Menu Instrumental
16. Piss In The Punch Instrumenta
17. Weedmasons Anthem Instrumental
18. Bristol Bullshit Instrumental
19. Hurry Sundown Instrumental
20. who wants it instrumental
21. People Say Instrumental
22. Prophets Get Personal Instrumental
23. Natures Way Instrumental
24. Underground Structure Instrumental


Leaf Dog – Dyslexic Disciple (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  – Location: UK

2.The Rain
3.Big Egos
4.Know Myself
6.It’s On You
7.Glass Eye
8.All In One
9.Pro Cultivation Feat. Smellington Piff
10.My Scene
13.Good Times Feat. Dabbla
14.Last Laugh Feat. BVA & Jazz T
15.The Reminder Feat. BVA & Kool Keith
16.The Legacy Feat. Phi Life Cypher, Smellington Piff, BVA, Cracker Jon, Jehst, Jack Jetson, Dirty Dike, Verb T, SonnyJim, Mystro, Klashnekoff, Fliptrix, Bill Shakes, Eric The Red, King Kashmere, Remus, Task Force & DJ Sammy B-Side

Urban Click Present: Bread Slices (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: UK

1. WonderBread
2. Breaking Egg
3. Steps
4. The Search
5. Street Number Six
6. The Place
7. The Scheme
8. Lessons
9. Love Me
10. No Choice
11. Break Up
12. The Wall
13. Stomp
14. Taken
15. Bonds
16. Thank You
17. Lanes (feat. Verb T)
18. Bugged Out (feat. Verb T)
19. Under Wraps (feat. Rye Shabby & Verb T)
20. Doorway (feat. Verb T)

Soloman and D7 – Hard Work Pays Off Instrumentals (2017)

Location: London – UK

01. Soloman and D7 (Instrumental)
02. Rise and Shine (Instrumental)
03. Freedom Music (Instrumental)
04. Spring to Summer (Instrumental)
05. Why (Instrumental)
06. Keep it Moving (Instrumental)
07. Love of the Father (Instrumental)
08. Hard Work Pays Off (Instrumental)
09. I Have a Dream (Instrumental)
10. Glory (Instrumental)
11. Lay Down Your Guns (Instrumental)
12. Things Will Be Alright (Instrumental)
13. Words (Instrumental)
14. Real Emcees (Instrumental)
15. The Ethos (Instrumental)
16. Strike Back (Instrumental)
17. God is Good (Instrumental)
18. From The Heart (Instrumental)