Smoovth & Giallo Point – Medellin (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Wien, Austria

2.Lanus Feat. CrimeApple
3.Hit Em Hard Feat. Vinnie Paz
4.Invincible Feat. Sonny Jim & Hus Kingpin
5.Jesus Piece Feat. Milano Constantine
6.Goduko Feat. Lyric Jones
7.Dum Dums Feat. Phybaoptikz
9.Mega Melodic Feat. Tristate
10.Crook Feat. Daniel Son
11.Chill Pill
12.Leyva Feat. El Ay
13.Scaramanga Feat. Planet Asia
15.Cold Streets
16.Haciendá Feat. Big Twins
17.Drug Runners Feat. Sageinfinite
18.Stripes Feat. Von Poe

Radio Justicia – Undercream Institute Lesson 19

Radio Justicia no estaba muerto, estaba de parranda… Rest in Beats Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

1. Intro
2. Ramson Badbonez – Hypnodic
3. Meta P – Wolves feat. Swann Notty & Apathy
4. Vendeta Kingz & Anno Domini – Phenom Feat. G8ABAK & Dj ShadowFist
5. Sean Price – Three for Twenty Nine feat. Destruct & Johnny O
6. Youssef Swatt’s – Passion nee feat. L’Hexaler
7. Sandrobeats – Panamericana feat. Klegs Lafayette
8. Miilkbone – Mindgamez
9. Major Stress – Snakes 2 Burn
10. Private Paul – Vollkontakt
11. Zirck Saucedo – Suena feat. Aczino & Achepe
12. Palestine – Sun and Shade
13. Da Youngsta’s – Every Man 4 Theyself (Remix)
14. Blacastan & Stu Bangas – Summa Cum Laude feat. Apathy (Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
15. Kids of the Stoned Age – Aether
16. Cage – Down the left hand path
17. 8th Platoon – Chess Pieces (Demo Tape)

Tyler Knapp – Loading Sound One (2017)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

“On this project, I tried to make ‘tracks within tracks’, small clusters of beats with many twists and turns creating a more dynamic listening experience. Loading Sound One was complete freedom to make and I hope you enjoy the journey.”

 Tyler Knapp

1.Group 1
2.Group 2
3.Group 3
4.Group 4
5.Group 5
6.Group 6
7.Group 7

Sinister Stricken – Beyond The Asylum Walls (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Intro
2. Carnival Of Entropy (The Darkest Room)
3. Beyond The Asylum Walls
4. So Many Stories
5. Unrequited Love
6. Their Work, Divine
7. Stricken Chapters
8. Widow Of The Web
9. Crystal Fountains
10. A Gift
11. Continuous Narcosis (feat. Teresa Meads)
12. Who Am I, There Of (Interlude)
13. Splendid Isolation (feat. Holocaust, Pro The Leader & Semantix Tha Sorcera)
14. A Heaven From Within
15. Night Terrors
16. Vague Recollections (feat. Teresa Meads)
17. Pills Dissolved In Alcohol
18. It Consumes Us
19. Father Of Many
20. In From The Rain (feat. Teresa Meads)
21. Fists In Your Eyes
22. To Keep One Wondering
23. Portraits Of Disorientation
24. Nostalgia Lost
25. Outro

Zirck Saucedo – Golden (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: México

1.Golden (feat. Fortea)
2.Suena (feat. Aczino & Achepe)
3.Igual Que Ayer
4.Día Tras Día
5.Por Primera Vez (feat. Dream Teampano)
6.Que Hora Es
7.Cuando Escribo (feat. Ilias TXS)
9.Outro (feat. Aztek Beats)
10.El Peor Ciego
11.Al Cien (feat. Recluso)
12.El Atraco
13.Jugando (feat. Dr. Bala)
15.Partículas de Luz
17.Gracias (feat. Reok SB)

Rich Mahogany – Bromosapien (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Los Angeles, California

1.Intro (feat. Ragin Reggie)
2.Rich Flair (Lit) [Prod. Trilian]
3.Beef (Prod. Trilian)
4.P.S.A. (feat. Ragin Reggie)
5.Fuck With Me (feat. Duffel Bag Duffie) [Prod. Trilian]
6.redRuM (feat. Tha Night Hawks) [Prod. On-Q]
7.Sole Ballad (Interlude) [feat. Ragin Reggie]
8.Ice On Ice (Prod. Vinny Knuckles)
9.No Sympathy (feat. Rated R & Pryme Prolifik) [Prod. Trilian]
10.Dedication (Prod. Rich Mahogany)