Wordsworth & Sam Brown – Our World Today (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: USA

1 Horns from the soul
2 The election
3 Church
4 Convicted ft Louis, Masta Ace & Pearl Gates
5 One foot in, one foot out ft yU
6 Down
7 Brooklyn
8 Each 1 teach 1
9 Stronger and wiser
10 Hero ft The Last Emperor
11 Major Things ft Pearl Gates
12 Keep it raw
13 Babies in the stroller ft Sadat X
14 Keep Rockin’ ft Sam Brown
15 The real
16 Good to me ft Acapalypse
17 So ridiculous ft Tone Deff

Tactical Thinking – Too Broke To Go Solo (Deluxe Version 2) (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1.Tt Track (Bonus Track)
2.The Seven Deadly Sins
3.Suspect Package (Bonus Track)
4.The Main Ingredient (Bonus Track)
5.Trikstas (Bonus Track)
6.Stampede (Leaf Dog Remix)
7.Stick Em Up Punk (Leaf Dog Remix)
8.T.a.c.t.i.c.a.l (Lord Balrog Remix)
9.Dusk Till Dawn (Naive Machine Vocal Remix)
10.Dusk Till Dawn (Naive Machine Remix)
11.Dusk Till Dawn
13.That’s Right Move
15.Stick ‘Em Up
16.We Say S^_t

MC Random – Remember Hip Hop? (2017)

Quality: V.O  –  Location: Los Angeles

1. Remember Hip Hop (feat. DJ Broadway)
2. Lose My Bread (feat. Apakalips, Tone Touch & Truth)
3. Cradle to the Grave (feat. Knvrs, Apakalips & DJ Broadway)
4. Just Like You (feat. Apakalips & Che Skizza)
5. Good Rhymes (feat. Jc Thunda & DJ Broadway)
6. Halftime
7. Killin’ Em Softly (feat. Phil Harmonic & Young Noy)
8. Back to the Boombox (feat. Apakalips)
9. Please Listen
10. Can’t Sketch It (feat. Knvrs, Ace Gunna & DJ Broadway)
11. El Symphonico (feat. Knvrs, Juicy T & Apakalips)
12. Want None (feat. El Da Sensei & Neb Luv)
13. Haveu4gotten

Portarok – Warfare Wisdom (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: California

1.Dome Wizdom (feat. Grone Da Radikal)
2.Tragic Spellz
3.Advance Rain Drops (feat. Rez Sps Kings)
4.Flamez of Freedom
5.Warfare Equvialent
6.Vocal Math (feat. Rez Sps Kings)
7.Soundz of Solution
8.As I Walk (feat. Grona Da Radikal)
9.Merconary Incision (feat. Skampoe & Nosho)
10.Flame Technic
11.Pain and Sorrow (feat. Mc Oneline, Timtation, Caper, Obrhero De La Contraseña & Nosho)

Camoflauge Monk – ラストリアルニッガ (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

01. Tony Colarossi
04. Bike Trail$
05. in Too Deep
06. interlude
07. Bah Humbug
08. uno duece duece
09. Ode に knxwledge
10. Black Snow
12. Japanese YEN
13. Grapes of Math
14. Son of FlyGod
15. dump the MAC on Craig and Smokey
16. Monks Revenge