Dope Fiends – Fiendishly Dope (2017)

Location: Bristol (UK)

1.Fiendishly Dope Intro (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
2.Give Away Your (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
3.Thunder Bird (Produced by Blends.One)
4.Hustle (Produced by Hutchbeats)
5.Cold (Produced by Blends.One)
6.Dreaming Of Cali Orange (Produced by El Jimbo & Stiggy)
7.They Won’t Go (Produced by Hutchbeats)
8.La Leyenda (Produced by El Jimbo)
9.Take (Produced by Blends.One)
10.Los Smokos (Produced by El Jimbo & RJ)
11.Searching (Produced by Blends.One)
12.Far Away (Produced by El Jimbo)
13.Get Some (Produced by Hutchbeats)
14.Debby (Produced by Blends.One)
15.The Royal (Produced by El Jimbo & Chemist J1)
16.Without Motive (Produced by El JImbo & Mpsta)
17.Thoughts For Your Mind (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
18.Mystery (Produced by Hutchbeats)
19.Jardin (Produced by El Jimbo & Mpsta)
20.Pele De Um (Produced by Blends.One & El Jimbo)
21.M Davis Indian Kush (Produced by El Jimbo & Nickybeats)
22.Real World (Produced by Hutchbeats)
23.Like It Is (Produced by Blends.One)
24.Won On Won (Produced by Blends.One)
25.Fiendishly Dope Outro (Produced by El Jimbo)

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The Jazz Jousters – Fifth Element (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps

1. Brothers (feat. Koncise)
2. JJV (feat. Stay Classy)
3. Shadows (feat. Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv)
4. Circumpunct (feat. Charlie Mac)
5. From My House (feat. B3nbi)
6. Hidden Treasure (feat. Diligent Fingers)
7. Slow Bourbon (feat. DJ Mentos)
8. Crime Scene (feat. Bones the Beat Head)
9. Eternal (feat. Es-K)
10. Red Carpet (feat. B-Side)
11. Sentiments of Me (feat. Erik Jackson)
12. Trigger Theory (feat. Flitz&suppe)
13. In a Dream (feat. Rickmal)
14. Floating Quintet (feat. Slone)
15. Nap (feat. Pawcut)
16. Aether (feat. Smokedbeat)
17. Vision (feat. Skinnista)
18. Lazy Afternoon (feat. Mr. Moods)
19. Paying the Bill (feat. Blue Buttonz)
20. Beckoning (Raise It Up) [feat. Gadget]

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Keizan – Travel Notes (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: France

1. Bologna (feat. Shinezz)
2. Budapest (feat. Lezser)
3. Salzburg (feat. Devaloop)
4. Sète (feat. Le Son Des Cas Libres)
5. Strasbourg (feat. Goomar & DJ Meloman)
6. Rome (feat. Sukhà)
7. Vienna (feat. Mono:Massive)
8. Stuttgart (feat. D2P)
9. Montpellier (feat. Gwilhoo & Aladin)
10. Maribor (feat. Emiljo A.C.)
11. Bad Cannstatt (feat. Politiks)
12. Mondo Parallelo (feat. Samsara, Shinezz, RibboRes, Koflah, Inda, Fax Klein & Jacques)

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Cilvaringz – Mental Chambers V (2017)

Quality: V0  –  Location: Netherlands

2.Bloodthirsty Shogun
3.Death Chamber
4.Western Woods
5.A Love Story
6.Village Of The Damned
7.Fallen Angel
8.The Arena
9.The Headless Horseman
10.The Sword Of El Cid
11.Digital Warfare
15.Killer Beez
16.Into My Life [You Came]

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Flakodiablo And Knowz – From Da Last Corner (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Chile

1. Intro
2. 90’s Progression
3. Hellflip
4. Straight Architect
5. Blue Moon (One4LunarTapes)
6. Astronomy
7. Combination from Da Mastas (feat. DJ Jopsen)
8. Invernal
9. The Corner
10. Smooth (feat. DJ Ropo)
11. Can You Dig It
12. Jazzy Technics
13. On the Run
14. Microphone Killaz
15. SpaceJam
16. Re-Formation (feat. DJ Ropo)

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