Fiji – Peering Into The Darkness (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Orenburg, Russia

1.Between The Place,Between The Time
2.Depth Contemplation
3.Inevitable Trajectory
4.Less Light
5.Peering Into The Darkness
7.So Far
8.Spread Arms In The Rain
9.Two Roads, Many Ways
10.Wading Through The Swamp of Sorrow
11.Wandering Glance
12.We Are The One

DJ Pocket – My Claim To Fame (Instrumental Version) (2006)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Atlanta – USA

1. Please Forget It
2. Bussin’ They Guns – Cliddickkk
3. Countdown
4. I Guess It’s All On Me
5. Killin’ Fields
6. Really Hot / Philly Hot
7. Truly Yours
8. Just To Make A Buck
9. Real Life
10. Certified P-R-O’s
11. Slanguage
12. Transgressions
13. Champain for Kingz
14. Jussa Word Playa
15. On My Own Two – The Walk
16. Hip-ology – The Essence

Grap Luva – Sounds of Mount Vernon (2016)

Quality: V0  –  Location: New York, USA

01. Intro
02. Started at 77
03. Love for the Heights
04. ThreeFourths Amazin (feat. Pete Rock)
05. In Motion Like Fourth Ave (Motion 2000 Remix)
06. Donuts on Washington St. (One For Mr. Yancey)
07. Fighting at Cromwells
08. Dont Stop (Ballin at Fourth St. Park)
09. Big Lous Theme (Pete On Bass) (feat. Pete Rock)
10. For My Lil Brother Joe
11. The Block (Third St.) (feat. Pete Rock)
12. A Prayer For My Nephews
13. Arts on Third Black Family Day
14. Live From Memorial Field
15. Pete and Graps Room (feat. Pete Rock)
16. Nuttin But Luv Day Cookout (Missing Hev)
17. One For Ruddy… Nuff Said!
18. Cross County Parkway (We Ou!!)