Mytee G. Poetic – Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness (2018)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness
2. For the World
3. Battlefield
4. The Radio
5. Brick City Blue’z
6. Listen to the Lyrics
7. Mello Drama
8. Poetically Incline
9. Rap Trilogy
10. Com’n Wit Nuff Ruffness (Street Mix)
11. Part of the Game
12. Poetically Incline (Raga Mix)
13. Ghetto Journalism
14. Discovery Zone
15. Machine Gun Rap

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Zeb.Roc.Ski Feat. Seen ‎– All City / Style Wars (1999)

Para los amantes del graffiti…aqui os traigo esta joya por parte de este artista multifaceta reconocido en el mundo del Hip Hop como dj, beatmaker, productor, bboy y escritor de graffiti en los 80 (zebster). En el mundo del bboying se le reconoce por practicar esta disciplina y al mismo tiempo por sus aportaciones a los Battle of the Year, así como las apariciones en Return Of The DJ, Battle of The Breaks y sus discos de instrumentales y breaks Strictly Bboy Breaks en tres volúmenes. Desde Alemania maneja su propio sello de Hip Hop independiente en el que se incluye sus discos así como sus fanzines de On The Run o sus libros Graffiti Art Germany y Hip Hop Files. Aquí ha fusionado su pasión por el graffiti y su faceta productora dando como resultado este disco en el que se incluyen cortes del documental Style Wars y una entrevista inédita al escritor archiconocido Seen.

For lovers of graffiti … here I bring you this jewel by this multi-faceted artist recognized in the world of Hip Hop as a dj, beatmaker, producer, bboy and graffiti writer in the 80s (zebster). In the world of bboying he is recognized for practicing this discipline and at the same time for his contributions to the Battle of the Year, as well as the appearances in Return Of The DJ, Battle of The Breaks and his instrumental and breaks albums Strictly Bboy Breaks in three volumes. From Germany he manages his own independent Hip Hop label which includes his albums as well as his fanzines of On The Run or his books Graffiti Art Germany and Hip Hop Filies. Here he has merged his passion for graffiti and his production side resulting in this album that includes cuts from the documentary Style Wars and an unpublished interview with the well-known writer Seen.

Kbps: VBR    Location: Germany

02.All City (Maxi Verison)
03.Jon One Skit 1
04.All City (Instrumental)
05.Jon One Skit 2
06.All City (Bonus Beats)
07.Quik Skit
08.Style Wars
09.Kase 2 Interlude
10.Style Wars (Instrumental)
11.It’s All Destroyed
12.First Train – Summer 73′
13.Never Stop
14.Seen Interview

Style Wars Documentary DvdRip

Denonimada la biblia del Hip Hop editada en 1983 por Henry Chalfant y Tony Silver y publicado en 1984. Desde New York, trata una amplia visión de lo que sucedía en aquella época en la ciudad de la gran manzana, repasando todos los elementos presentes en la cultura hip hop, especial mención a la escena graffiti, la cual fusiona Zeb roc ski con su disco extrayendo parte de los testimonios de este documental.

Denominated the Hip Hop bible edited in 1983 by Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver and published in 1984. From New York, it deals with a broad vision of what was happening at that time in the city of the Big Apple, reviewing all the elements present in the hip hop culture, special mention to the graffiti scene, which merges Zeb roc ski with his album extracting part of the testimonies of this documentary.

Clave de Cifrado/Decryption Key



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Saukrates ‎– The Underground Tapes (1999)

Kbps: 192kbps   Location: Toronto, Canada

A1. Intro
A2. Can’t Touch Us
A3. Money Or Love
A4. That’s Action
A5. Keep It Movin’ Featuring – Xzhibit*
A6. Innovations Remix Featuring – Pharoahe Monch
A7. Fineline
A8. Suga Daddy
A9. Play Dis 99′ Featuring – Common
A10. Check For Me
A11. Body Language Featuring – Choclair
B12. Bag Da Biscuit
B13. Professional
B14. Vietnam
B15. Kill Or Be Killed
B16. Let Me Ride
B17. Night Nurse
B18. Ay, Ay, Ay.
B19. Action (+ hidden track)


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The Roots ‎– Illadelph Halflife (1996)

Kbps: VBR   Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

01. Intro
02. Respond / React
03. Section
04. Panic!!!!!
05. It Just Don’t Stop
06. Episodes
07. Push Up Ya Lighter (featuring Bahamadia)
08. What They Do (featuring Raphael Saadiq)
09. ? vs. Scratch
10. Concerto of the Desperado
11. Clones (featuring Dice Raw, M.A.R.S.)
12. UNIverse at War (featuring Common)
13. No Alibi
14. Dave vs. Us
15. No Great Pretender
16. The Hypnotic (featuring D’Angelo)
17. Ital (The Universal Side)” (featuring Q-Tip)
18. One Shine (featuring Joshua Redman, Cassandra Wilson)
19. The Adventures in Wonderland (featuring Ursula Rucker)
20. Outro


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Various Artists – Bomb Hip Hop Compilation (1994)

Quality: 320 kbps

1. Style Wars excerpt – Intro
2. Charizma – Just Like a Test
3. Mental Prizm – Strawberry Moon
4. Eyedle Mode – End of the Innocence
5. Dereliks – No G’nus
6. The Nugs – Pump
7. Blackalicious – Lyric Fathom
8. Homeliss Derelix – Fuck You
9. Mystik Journeymen – Swing
10. Madchild – Pregnant (feat. DJ Q-Bert)
11. Bored Stiff -Therapy
12. Total Devastation – Part Time Assassin
13. The Product Pushers – The Rap Race

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Peanut Butter Wolf – My Vinyl Weighs a Ton (1999)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.Sit Down and Shut Up
2.In Your Area feat. Planet Asia
3.Styles Crew Flows Beats feat. Lootpack
4.Casio feat. DJ Babu
6.Hold Up feat. Rasco
7.The Everliving feat. Zest
8.Rock Unorthodox feat. Pablo
9.Top Illin
11.Keep On Rockin It feat. Charizma
12.T Shirts
13.Tale Of Five Cities feat. A-Trak, Cut Chemist, DJ Hands, DJ Quest, DJ Total Eclipse, DJ Z-Trip, J Rocc, Kid Koala, Rhetmattic, Rob Swift & Shortkut
14.Mr. Dibbs
15.Definition Of Ill feat. Planet Asia
16.Theme From Peanut Butter Wolf
17.Run The Line feat. Rasco
18.Phonies feat. DJ Design
19.Ten Minutes Left feat. Funkaho
20.Mobbin’ feat. Persevere & Vin Roc
21.Competition Gets None feat. Grand The Vis & Shortkut
23.Hawaii 5000

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Thirstin Howl III ‎– Skillionaire (1999)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Osama Spit Latin (feat. Unique London)
2. I Still Live WITH My Moms (feat. Master Fuol)
3. Spit Boxers (feat. Master Fuol)
4. Keep on Cluckin’ (feat. Master Fuol)
5. E-Dubbs Mixtape (feat. Unique London, Richie Balance & Knowledge B Born)
6. Chilly Chill (feat. Unique London)
7. Brooklyn Hardrock Pt1 (feat. Unique London)
8. The Million Man Rush (feat. Rack Lo)
9. Even (Interlude)
10. Thirsty, Greedy (feat. Master Fuol)
11. Guess on the MIX (feat. Unique London)
12. Swena, Swena (feat. Master Fuol)
13. Frogstyle
14. Drunkfist Meets Frogstyle (feat. Master Fuol)
15. Off WITH His Head (feat. Unique London, Knowledge B Born & Ruck)
16. Either or (Interlude)
17. Bury Me WITH the Lo on (feat. Shillz da Realz, Rack Lo, Ski Black & Big Boo)
18. John They’re Stealing (feat. Rack Lo)
19. Bahamadias B-Sides Show (feat. Unique London & Rack Lo)
20. Puno Boratcho (feat. Master Fuol)
21. The Morning Show, Pt. 1 (Hot97) [feat. Unique London & Notorious a.R.a.B.]
22. Chicken Chokers (feat. Fi Lo, Master Fuol & Richie Balance)
23. The Morning Show, Pt. 2 (Power 1051) [feat. Unique London]
24. DJ Yooters Mixtape (feat. Master Fuol)
25. Bathroom Cipher
26. My Freestyle (feat. Unique London)
27. Brownsville Bullet Goldcard Membership (1996)
28. Bad Things

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Evidence – Mr. Slow Flow / Hot & Cold (Vinyl 12″) (2007)

Quality: FLAC & 320 kbps – Location: USA

A1. Mr. Slow Flow (Clean)
A2. Mr. Slow Flow (Street)
A3. Mr. Slow Flow (Instrumental)
A4. Mr. Slow Flow (Acapella)
B1. Hot & Cold (Clean) Featuring – The Alchemist
B2. Hot & Cold (Street) Featuring – The Alchemist
B3. Hot & Cold (Instrumental)
B4. Hot & Cold (Acapella) Featuring – The Alchemist


320 kbps

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