Freak Tha Monsta X Werd Life ‎- The Sewer-Side Kings (2012)

Location: New York, USA

1.The Hidden Revealed
2.Gods & Monsters
3.Whole Lotta Respect
4.Jackin’ Cadiacs
5.Park Benches ft. M. Wettah
6.Blind Message ft. MothaBug
7.Hard To Eat
8.Prepare For The Ruckus
9.The Sewer-Side ft. DJ JS-1
11.Walkin’ Sin ft. Miggs
12.Let’s Have a Talk
13.Sparkin’ The Revolution ft. Miggs & Narez
14.This Is Our Home ft. DJ Kwestion

TOPR – Legalize Murder (2004)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Asheville, North Carolina

1.Legalize Murder Intro
2.Legalize Murder
3.Heart Attack Mack
4.TopR’s IN Town
5.I’m Famous ft. Luke Sick
6.Drug Store B-Boy
7.111 Minna
8.Dead Presidents
9.The Bay
11.Trunk Knockers ft. Conceit
12.Olde English
13.Spittin That Slang
14.Swimming With Sharks
15.Welcome To Frisco
16.Watching The World End

Hell Razah & 4th Disciple – Freedom of Speech (2004)

Quality: VO  –  Location: Brooklyn, New York

1. Intro: Slavery
2. Rebel Music
3. Article One
4. High Science
5. One Harmony
6. House-Pitality
7. Oh! Baby
8. Way of Life
9. Baby Girl
10. Take Ya Time
11. Same Ol’ Thugs
12. Project Love
13. Who Gonna Die Next?
14. Angel Tears
15. We Can Do That Too feat. Baghdad
16. Underground to da Heavens
17. Don’t Hate It
18. Pimpology feat. 7th Ambassador
19. R.A.Z.A.H.
20. We the People

Nfx – Skillz Of Shaolin (2017)

Quality: VO  –  Location. Santiago de Chile, Chile

Props to Ruben

1. S.O.S (Beat x Organic)(Dj Sta & Dj Memo Dirty)
2. Young,Rich & Dangerous (Ft. Fisher Showa)(Beat x Ruff- T)(DJ See all)
3. Guess Whos Back (Beat x Hexsagon)(Dj Jhonny Sanchez)
4. Shaolin Technics (Ft. Last Day Corp )(Beat x Knowz- )
5. Breaking Walls (Beat x ThomasConH)(Dj Ropo)
6. Breakdown (Ft. JONAS SANCHE)(Beat x M.Padrón AKA MPadrums)
7. Sa-Ku (Beat x Kenny Madfly & Nfx) (Dj See all)
8. Bounce (Ft. Zitazoe)(Beat x Ruff-T)(Dj Sta & Dj Memo Dirty)
9. Dirty Hop! (Beat X DIRTYFINGAZ)
10. Blah Blaah Blaaah (Beat x DJ MAD PEE)
Bonus track. Yapla (Ft.Fisher & Joaquim Taklit )(Beat x Cool Maze)

Judah Priest – The Day After Tomorrow (2017)

Quality: VO  –  Location: Staten Island, NY

01. Through The Storm
02. Return To The 36 Chamber (Throw Your W Up)
03. Invasion feat. Rain The Quiet Storm, Sindian & MFYF
04. Mad Theories feat. Killah Priest
05. No Justice No Peace
06. Hands Up feat. Shabazz the Disciple & Ray Sun
07. Come Closer feat. Takima La Raine
08. Maintain feat. Clarity
09. The Streets feat. Krumb Snatcha, Yo Gotti, Bronze Nazareth, Matt Bastardo & U-God
10. What You Going Do feat. Sixx Nyne
11. Rise Up feat. Shabazz the Disciple & Jwon
12. All Hail feat. Terror 2Face Brown
13. Walking Dead feat. Terror 2Face Brown & Menace Obez
14. Everybody feat. Quan Starr
15. Keep It Live feat. Jamaris
16. When I’m Writing